Florinda Meza insults Quico after being questioned about her romance

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Florinda Meza was interviewed by adela micha and in the middle of the conversation with the journalist the name came up of Carlos Villagranbetter known as ‘quico’character of the program ‘El Chavo del Ocho’. And it is that it is known to all that Doña Florinda and Carlos Villagrán lived a romance many years ago. When asked by Adela Micha, the actress and producer burst and it was through a forceful response with which Meza attacked ‘Quico’.

Didn’t they have a romance? Did Chespirito get jealous? We tell you what he expressed.

Florinda Meza reacts to the airing of Chespirito programs (Special).
Florinda Meza reacts to the airing of Chespirito programs (Special).

According to old rumors point out that Florinda Meza was responsible for the distance between Carlos Villagrán and Roberto Gómez Bolaños because she had had an affair with the interpreter of ‘quico’ before starting a relationship with ‘Chespirito’.

After all the rumors Adela Micha questioned the actress and producer about whether she had had a relationship with Carlos Villagrán, Florinda Meza assured that she would not talk about it and with a comparison he established his position on the romance he had with Villagrán.

Florinda Meza remembered that her husband ‘Chespirito’ was very intelligent and compared it with Carlos Villagran to make clear his position on the romance with the actor of ‘Quico’.

“I’m not going to talk about that, mainly, did you know Roberto? A very intelligent man. Can you imagine me with an asshole?”; Florinda Meza said.

Florinda Meza He explained that he did not want to touch that topic since they use it for advertise He considers that he is a very profitable celebrity.

Carlos Villagrán ‘Quico’ spoke like this about the romance he lived with Doña Florinda

Carlos Villagran and Florinda Meza They don’t have any relationship at the moment. after the departure of Quico of the program both they completely distanced themselves and they broke any kind of contact. Also, He remembered that the romance they had It is already an old topic, but nevertheless, every time he is interviewed, it comes to light.

“That already happened more than forty years ago. Half a century. It was more of a friendly thing than anything else. I’m going to tell you something that nobody believes me. But I’m going to tell you. They tell me ‘You were with Doña Florinda ‘, and I said ‘No, Florinda was with me because she was the one who looked for me.’ It’s very rare that they tell you that, “commented the actor.

In previous interviews, the actor has commented that the romance he had with Meza was “extramarital”For her part, the actress has mentioned that it was a “mistake” that she does not regret.

Secondly, the actor confessed that at the end of his relationship with Florinda Mezahe asked for advice from Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who was the producer of the program and played “Chavo”.

“It was a short time. She also hung out with Enrique Segoviano, the director of the program, and with Chespirito, she was his wife and we respect him as such. I asked Chespirito for help because I couldn’t anymore with that relationship. I shouldn’t say it as a gentleman but it happened like that. I break up with her and she makes a tremendous scandal. I told Chespirito. He tells me look ‘right now, let’s record, stay in your position’ and when he told me that, Roberto felt that the air was purer, “said the actor.


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Florinda Meza insults Quico after being questioned about her romance