Flor de la V responded to Susana Giménez after she refused to greet her

started this monday a new era for Intruders in the Show. After the departure of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares, who were in charge of the cycle during the last time, Florence of the V debuted as host of the famous gossip show.

To surprise her on her first day, one of the reporters asked Susana Giménez to please send a greeting and good wishes to the new driver, however, the blonde refused. “Nerd… I don’t care about bad talk shows. If you are going to speak well, you are forgiven from the start, after it is seen I will tell you what I think, ”he replied as he walked away from the camera.

On the floor, laughing, Flor de la V sent a message to her colleague. “I am going to say one thing: Susana, I’m talking about colleague to colleague. I don’t know what will have happened in another management but I am new to this chair”, he expressed. “I’m going to tell you something looking into your eyes, In this program I will always take care of you, always”, he promised.

“What has happened in the past I do not know, I do not know, I do not take responsibility,” he said, assuring that at times he does not take responsibility for his own actions, so he will not do it with those of others either. “Here we bench you because you are the maximum diva of this country. You are, you were and you will be the only one”, he finished.

In her first show, Flor had fun with the panelists who will accompany her throughout the year and couldn’t help but laugh at herself. “Welcome to Intruders 2020″, she started saying, without noticing the slut her friends warned her about later. “I thought they were going to tell me ‘Oh, how divine you were! How exiting. No. They tell me: ‘But are you stupid? You said 2020″, he counted, unable to contain his laughter. “Look what they noticed! But don’t you realize I’m nervous?”, she asked with a panel also tempted to laugh.

“I got up, I put on the kettle, I was having some mates and everything automatically started happening to me like a movie. Because I was going to take care of this legendary program of the channel, which marked a milestone, a before and after in the show”, He assured when talking about what he felt before the premiere. “It was all covered by Intruders,” he added.

Flor de la V debuted in front of IntrudersPress America TV

“Today my children came to hold me up, which is the most important thing. Come give me a hug”, he invited Isabella and Paul, their twins who appeared on stage with Torito, the family dog. “I love you with all my heart,” he told them after hugging them. “The same with us,” the girl replied, and the entire studio sighed. “This is my life, it is a great pleasure to be with them every afternoon because they saw me grow”, he announced, and gave rise to the beginning of the program.

Flor will be accompanied by a team made up Virginia Gallardo, Maite Peñoñori, Lucas Bertero, Augusto Tartúfoli and Marcela Tauro, historical figure of intruders, who left his chair in May 2020 after an awkward moment on air with Jorge Rial.

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Flor de la V responded to Susana Giménez after she refused to greet her