Flor de la V joined the “Got Talent Uruguay” jury and gave an emotional golden pass

The Argentine actress Flor de la V participated as a guest in the jury of Got Talent Uruguay and took advantage of his right to give a golden button in one of the most emotional moments of the Channel 10 contest, which is in its “jury court” stage. Yesterday 11 competed, of which three were out of the competition and the rest went straight to the semifinal

Flor de la V joined the court together with Claudia Fernández, María Noel Riccetto, Agustín Casanova and Orlando Pettinati, who were introduced, as usual, by the host of the cycle, Natalia Oreiro.

The first number was of the night was Odin Villalobos, the Mexican whom Oreiro defined as “the mariachi of Got Talent”. Based 13 years ago in Uruguay, where he came for a love story, he was greeted by his father, from a distance, in a very emotional moment.

He was followed by the “drag queen”, Misteriosa Kimara who received praise for her routine but also the red button of Pettinati.

With an aria from the opera Madame Butterfly, Daniela Kohen moved everyone and showed an interesting vocal mastery. Kohen had retired from singing at the age of 19 discouraged by her dyslexia, she now returned and her whole family accompanied her excitedly.

With his beatbox routine accompanied by two actors on stage, Alexis Solís got a “I loved it, I loved it, I loved it” from Fernández. She performed a version of “Mambo No. 5” that ended with what seemed like a candombe.

The Concordia Choir of Nueva Helvecia, the oldest still active in Uruguay, performed a version of “It’s just about living” by Lito Nebbia that did not seem to completely convince the jury.

Shaolin Chuan did a very colorful routine with a dragon, which, for Flor de la V, lacked some details. The rest of the jurors did not agree with that assessment.

Emanuel Maidana returned to do his own choreography in which he reflects bullying and other situations. He did it on a bare stage and with his shadow projected on a screen.

Cuban Sandra Ramírez, who said she had a 15-year career as a singer in hotels in her country, performed a romantic song by Juan Luis Guerra in an austere proposal that was greeted by the jury. They still demanded a little more Caribbean fire.

The great moment of the night was for Luciana Nasif, the young trapeze artist who replaced the rock of her first presentation with a pop rock that she choreographed with the same risk. Flor de la V was moved by her story (she was a victim of bullying) and gave her her golden button. She also went on stage, and they ended up hugging Luciana’s mother.

The gold button allows you to be in the semi-final without going through elimination at the end of the show.

With a more risky choreography than the previous one and again inspired by a video game (conquering Casanova), Valorant once again showed the power of K-Pop.

And finally, the last number of the night was for Heroica Tanguera, the tango group that comes from Paysandú and danced “Café La Humedad” by Cacho Castaña.

Finally after deliberating, the jury decided that the Concordia Choir, Misteriosa Kirama and Emanuel Maidana would not go on to the next round. The rest go straight to the semi-final.

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Flor de la V joined the “Got Talent Uruguay” jury and gave an emotional golden pass