Five actresses on stage for a classic story that 70 years later continues to challenge us

A Domenico Caperchione, the part that he likes the most about theatrical creation is translating a literary text and putting it on stage. He had already made it clear Becoming Felisberto his adaptation of “For the times of Clemente Colling” by, precisely, Felisbert Hernandez. It premiered in 2019 at the Cultural Center of Spain.

Now he did it again. On Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. and Sundays at 7:30 p.m., she premiered only the girls, a staging from a text by Cesare Pavese intervened by his dramaturgy. It is a free version of Three Women Alone, the nouvelle that the Italian wrote in 1949.

“Because it is a classic, the work continues to talk about current things,” says Caperchione, who has Pavese among his favorite writers. “And that makes the play relevant.”

The text was adapted for the cinema in 1955 by Michelangelo Antonioni in The Girlfriends, another impulse for the director, a movie buff, to get involved in the research that led to this staging.

Unlike Devenir Felisberto, which was a one-person show (with Agustín Urrutia) barely interrupted by a pianist, Solo las Chicas is a work of a different nature. They are, for example, five actresses on stage: Carla Moscatelli (Clelia), sofia corso (Christina), Patricia Fry (Mariela), Mariana Piven (Nené) and Victoria F. Astorucci (Monica).

Clelia, a very demanding role for Moscatelli (the actress in Hilda’s Holidays) is a dressmaker who returns to Montevideo in the late 1980s of the dictatorship (Pavese sets the story in post-war Torino) and becomes involved with the local upper class. The play follows her stories and uses various resources (including audiovisual) to tell them.

Caperchione is very proud of the cast (which includes actresses from several generations) and to be able to work with the entire team. The costume design is by Mauricio Pera. the set design by Guillermo Ifrán and the lighting design by Martín Rodríguez.

It is a production of Los Cronopios Theater Company. Tickets are at Tickantel at 550 pesos.

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Five actresses on stage for a classic story that 70 years later continues to challenge us