First look at Fallout, the new Prime Video series based on the popular video game saga

The video game adaptations are having a golden age with pretty decent movies like Sonic either Unchartedand promises to follow the same steps on the small screen through streaming services like Prime Videowhich will launch a series based on fallout.

with those responsible for Westworld behind this production, few details are known about the Serie of falloutthough Apparently in the photos of the shoot It seems that they will capture the post-apocalyptic essence of the games very well.

The new Prime Video series will take us to shelter 33

Because the 25th anniversary of Fallout is being celebrated, Amazon Prime Video wanted to contribute their grain of sand by showing a first official look at the series.

In the following tweet launched by Prime Video and Kilter Films shows the first image of the fallout series, where we can distinguish that their characters belong to Vault-Tec shelter 33. You can take a look below.

“Congratulations and happy 25th birthday! We did something special for the occasion”, can be read in the tweet that accompanies the image.

Thus, it seems that its protagonists will belong to refuge 33, the place where this new story will begin, located in the apocalyptic United States, the result of a nuclear war in which the great nations (mainly China, the Soviet Union and the United States itself) launched their nuclear weapons in a future and alternative year 2077.

Because of that, now the place is a Wasteland in which its inhabitants survive as best they can, as they have to deal with dangerous mutated creatures such as super mutants, ghouls or dangerous bloodthirsty. That’s without counting the groups of looters who only seek death and destruction, among many other dangers.

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It is known that the cast of Fallout will star Walton Gogginsan actor we have seen in movies and series like the hateful eightKill Santa, The Gemstones or The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.

At the moment they make up the cast Ella Purnell (army of the deadYellowjackets, Belgravia, Sweetbitter), Kyle MacLachlan (Pussy Island, Capone, Tesla, The house with the clock on the wall), Aaron Moten (To freedom, The Miracle of Father Stu) Y Xelia Mendes-Jones (Havoc).

The Fallout series is coming soon to the Prime Video catalog. Meanwhile, here we leave you these very good movies on Amazon Prime Video that are not the ones that everyone has seen.

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First look at Fallout, the new Prime Video series based on the popular video game saga