First image of season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’: Max, Helen and a tender gesture of love

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However, they are still far from having an idyllic relationship, according to the creator of the medical fiction. There is still no date in Spain but NBC will premiere the fourth season next to the pond on September 21, 2021.

It seems like the fourth season of New Amsterdam arrives to steal the hearts of those who had bet so much on the relationship of Max y Helen, two doctors from the titular hospital of the NBC series who began as good friends with a special chemistry and who have ended up in love to the bar. This is demonstrated by the first image of the season that the portal has been able to publish exclusively TVLine, which stars the characters of Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman respectively in a very cute and caramelized attitude.

The end of season 3 of New Amsterdam ended, after several previous approaches, with Max and Helen kissing passionately, but the photograph in question is the definitive proof that the couple will continue to be together when we meet again with them and the rest of the protagonists from the successful medical fiction.

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Nevertheless, their relationship will be real and not idyllic And the fact itself of not having addressed certain issues and simply getting carried away is going to cause them to have to face how they want to channel their relationship from that moment on.

First image of season 4 of New Amsterdam Max Helen

“They jumped a lot when they got to that door. They didn’t say anything during that walk they took together to Helen’s door.”, remember in statements to TVLine the ‘showrunner’ of the series David Schulner. “There are many things that have been left unsaid. And I can guarantee you that the first thing they do when they close that door is not have a conversation. So there is a lot to resolve.”

The fans know a lot more about them than they know about each other, in terms of what Sharpe was doing in London. Max doesn’t know about that, about Mina, about her mother, about the clinic she used to work at. There’s a lot they need to talk about before they can move on with each other.

According to Schulner’s statements, things will not be 100% pink between the two, but the image, the closeness of their faces and their looks leave no doubt that this couple of lovebirds still have a lot to live. In addition, the slogan of the poster of season 4 made it clear: “Love heals.”

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“[La temporada 4] will embrace the joy of reclaiming our lives and pursuing happiness wherever we can find it “, Shulner describes what’s to come. “The next few episodes are about the people we love and about holding them tight without ever wanting to let them go, and potentially running after them.” Previously, the ‘showrunner’ had already promised that the new installment would be a relief compared to a third that was fundamentally marked by Covid-19: “What we are going to see in season 4 is what we are all feeling right now in this moment of hope and a new beginning. Where the worst is behind us and the best is ahead. “

There is still no date in Spain but NBC will premiere the fourth season next to the pond on September 21, 2021.

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