‘Finch’, review: Apple TV + launches its nomination for films of the year with Tom Hanks

In such a competitive sector, successes seem fleeting. The streaming, with this dynamic of almost daily news, it does not offer much space for memory. This is only a reflection of other consumption habits and the incentive of immediacy in different processes, within the reach of a click. However, every year each platform generates a production with which it seems to want to go beyond that, like someone looking for a place in the memory of the audience. Maybe, para Apple TV+, Finch be that, your letter to make the public fall in love.

Finch is directed by Miguel Sapochnik, a director after filming Repo Men (2010) was also part of the director’s panel of Game of Thrones (HBO). To the differences between one project and another is added Finch, perhaps related to those by the dramatic factor. Without the spectacularity and tension of Game of Thrones, this Apple TV movie + trapped at first by the world in which it unfolds and then for its history, halfway between the human and the technological.

His writing was developed by Craig Luck and Ivor Powell, it offers a stable account with several moments to release laughter and tears. Without having big lines, focusing the story on a single character and a robot took some risk. One of them was to overload the plot in Finch, the character played by Tom Hanks. However, this does not happen because of the script and the direction to humanize the machines that accompany the protagonist.

Finch‘in context

Apple TV + releases this movie while the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26). What does one thing has to do with the other? FinchIn essence, it is a treatise on the future of the earth if global warming is not reduced. The close-ups of the film are both aesthetic and worrying, a statement of principles on the part of the production team, which seems to say: “This is the future that awaits us as a species “. That is the premise that they develop through the story, of just over two hours.

Finch is one of the few survivors left on earth. The climatic situation is so serious that, to move from one place to another during the day, you must use a kind of astronaut suit. This prevents your skin from scorching when you feel the sun. Without becoming Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015), Finch It is in a not too distant context: everything is land and abandonment, except for his dog and a couple of machines that accompany him. Through them the script complements the initial premise: it is about survival.

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‘Finch’, review: Apple TV + launches its nomination for films of the year with Tom Hanks