Finally!: Ash Ketchum is Pokémon world champion after 25 years

After 25 years of waiting, ‘Ash Ketchum’the trainer of ‘Pueblo Paleta’ and protagonist of the iconic anime series, finally became world champion by being crowned the best Pokémon trainer in the world.

This fact has been revealed in the recent chapter -called ‘The Finals IV: Partner’ of the 25th season of the anime series ‘Pokemon Definitive Journeys’, which has been broadcast in Japan. With this, the young man has achieved the maximum ambition of him.

After going through the different leagues, without much success, ‘Ash’ won the ‘Alola Region League’, which allowed him to enter the Eight Masters Tournament of the Coronation World Series.

How did ‘Ash Ketchum’ manage to be crowned champion in Pokémon?

To reach the final of this championship, Ash had to face ‘Steven’, champion of the ‘Hoenny League’ in the quarter-finals, and ‘Cynthia’, champion of the ‘Sinnoh High Command’ in the semi-final.

‘Ash’ reached the final against ‘León’, champion of the ‘Galar Region League’ and won the victory in a match that culminated in a fight between his ‘Pikachu’ and his team’s ‘Charizard’. opponent.

The news has been released through the franchise’s social networks and, although many of the followers have celebrated it, others have questioned the spoiler they have given of such an important event in the plot of the popular series.

In Shibuya, Japan, the legendary victory of ‘Ash’ did not go unnoticed: dozens of people were paralyzed in front of the giant screens, which rest on the buildings, to witness the unusual event that, without a doubt, will change the course of the series forever.

Who is ‘Ash Ketchum’?

‘Ash Ketchum’ is much more than a boy who likes Pokémon, for more than two decades he has become an icon of anime culture. Persevering, enthusiastic and absent-minded, his greatest ambition was always to become the best Pokémon Master, until he achieved it 25 years later.

It has appeared in all the episodes of the series -since the first, issued in 1997- and in all the films of the franchise. In addition, he has traveled through ‘Kanto’, ‘Johto’, ‘Hoenn’, ‘Sinnoh’, ‘Teselia’, ‘Kalos’, ‘Alola’ and ‘Galar’ with a single goal: to win the title of world champion.

Finally Ash Ketchum is Pokemon world champion after 25 years

‘Ash’ Ketchum has been, for more than two decades, the protagonist of the popular anime series ‘Pokémon’.

After this important event, fans of the series are waiting for what will happen in the history of “Ash Ketchum”, now that he has become one of the most powerful Pokémon trainers in the world.


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Finally!: Ash Ketchum is Pokémon world champion after 25 years