Fernando Colunga looks gray-haired and older in a new series

After being a true gallant of the TV soapsa symbol desired by many women and a man besieged by single women who were enchanted by his face and his strong musclesnow the actor Fernando Colunga56 years old, returns to the screens television, but looking very different from how we remember it.

This return to TV will make a big difference in terms of the image we knew of the muscular Princewell, now, Fernando colunga You will have gray hair, marked expression lines and the occasional wrinkle. In addition, her style of dress has also changed, since from wearing tight and tight shirts, she will now wear sweaters and more serious clothes.

Fortunately, for his faithful followers, this radical physical change of the actorin which he looks older and tired, is only part of the excellent characterization that they did to interpret his character in the new series Netflix; “The secret of the Greco family”, well, in real life it remains the same.

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After years of not being present on television screens and also staying away from the public eye and almost in voluntary anonymity, the mysterious Fernando Colunga has reappeared on television, looking more handsome than ever, according to the words of some drivers. from Telemundo.

That is why, now that we see the Fernando Colunga of 2022 and we compare him with the character that he will play in this series filmed in Argentina, it is notorious that Fernando Colunga seems to have found the secret of eternal youth, since he was shown without a single gray hair, careful skin and obviously with his marked muscles.

His last interview was granted a few days ago on a Telemundo program called “Al Rojo Vivo” where he was received to promote his new work project. There, the drivers could not stop flattering him and even tried to get him to show them if he had paintings on his abdomen, which did not happen.

What caught the attention of several media outlets is the characterization work they did to Fernando Colunga, because in this series he does look like a man over 56 years old, something that we would not have expected to see in him, well, it is known that he is a vain man and that he has always taken great care of his physique and face.

The character with which he will hit the screens on November 4 is called “Aquiles” and is the protagonist of this story. He is the male head of an entire family, so his characterization deserved to make him look older and being a professional in his work, Fernando Colunga accepted and now he will leave more than one with their mouths open at see him.

“The secret of the Greco family” is based on real events and focuses on the Grecos, who under the facade of a traditional family hides a clan of criminals, headed by Achilles (Fernando Colunga), a retired officer who is disciplined and authoritative, willing to do anything to maintain his family’s status.

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Fernando Colunga looks gray-haired and older in a new series