‘Family Secrets’: Between love and duty

      While Ceylin was still in law school, her father is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. From that moment, the young woman understood that, many times, the law and justice do not go hand in hand and she confirmed that she would be on her side from then on. She promised herself that she would always fight to help those in need and years later, she was on her way to achieving her goal.

      Later, Ceylin became a respected lawyer and was now known as a brave, dynamic and reckless defender, respected by her peers, but constantly in trouble with prosecutors and the police.

      Ceylin also felt very close to her little sister İnci, whom she had raised in their father’s absence and for whom she felt responsible. They both had a great relationship and had each other’s backs.

      Çinar, the Ilgaz’s brother it was accused of murder

      On the other hand, Ilgaz is a sensible prosecutor who does everything by the rules. His father was highly respected as the head of homicide for the Istanbul Police Department. And it was from him that Ilgaz got his incorruptible sense of right and wrong. For him, law and justice are the same thing.

      One day, when Ceylin came to him for information to help her organize the case and prosecution of one of her clients, Ilgaz kicked her out of his office. But everything will change when her brother is accused of murder. Ilgaz had to plead with Ceylin for help. She, unlike him, decided to lend him a hand without knowing that she was about to live one of the worst moments of her life. What will happen when she finds out who is the young woman who supposedly killed Çinar?

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‘Family Secrets’: Between love and duty