“False Profile” will have a second season on Netflix

Camila opens a sexy profile on a dating app and finds the man of her dreams: a man, the gorgeous one named Fernando. She soon discovers that he is not single and he is not Fernando either. Camila falls into a trap and everything turns into a nightmare. (Netflix)

Fake profile came to Netflix on May 31 of this year and immediately became one of the most chosen titles by subscribers that placed it in the first place of the Top 10 series in the last week. The numbers support this success, since from June 5 to 11 it had more than 64 million views.

It is a Colombian telenovela created by Pablo Illanes and directed by Klych López Peña and Catalina Hernández, which has central roles with Caroline Miranda and Rodolfo Salas. But it seems that the ten episodes of the first season were not enough for the followers of this story and so the announcement of a second installment was carried out.

Rodolfo Salas is one of the protagonists of "Fake profile". (Netflix)
Rodolfo Salas is one of the protagonists of “False Profile”. (Netflix)

“Because I know they were left wanting more Fake profile, I have good news for you: We will have a second season! ”, Netflix confirmed on their social networks. Until now, no further specifications have been given regarding the release date or any addition or departure from the cast of the series.

The story centers on Camila (Miranda), a young dancer at a Las Vegas nightclub, who meets a beautiful man called Fernando (Salas) through a dating app. The relationship works wonders until he tells her that she must return to Cartagena because her sister had an accident. Camila, amid various suspicions, decides to take a flight to the Colombian city and upon arrival she discovers that Fernando is actually Miguel and is married to a woman with whom she has two children. The application profile was false and so Camila begins her revenge.

Carolina Miranda as Camila in the latest streaming hit. (Netflix)
Carolina Miranda as Camila in the latest streaming hit. (Netflix)

“Willing to do anything to find out who the man she met really is, the young woman insists on identifying the unfaithful and making him pay one by one for each lie he told her and each promise he made, unaware that she is entering an intricate maze. of appearances that deceive, forbidden sex and powers that kill”, thus advanced the synopsis of the leading fiction on Netflix.

The rest of the cast is completed by Manuela González, Víctor Mallarino, Mauricio Henao, Lincoln Palomeque, Felipe Londoño, Juliana Galvis, María Luisa Flores, Juan Pablo Posada, Julián Cañeque Cerati, Iván Amozurrutia, Carmenza Gómez, among others.

The first season of "Fake profile" It consists of ten episodes. (Netflix)
The first season of “False Profile” consists of ten episodes. (Netflix)

All the chapters of Fake profile are available in Netflix. While you wait for the second season, you can’t stop watching Pálpito, Analía’s revenge, Revenge either The revenge of the Juanas. They are series that They closely follow revenge on the part of women and the search for justice.

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“False Profile” will have a second season on Netflix