Explicit image of Maria Fernández Vidal, presenter of TV3, dedicated to Shakira

You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio. Probably, the phrase that has stayed the most in the collective imagination of the entire planet of all the daggers that have been stuck in it. Shakira to Piqué and Clara Chía in the form of a song We’ll still talk for many days of the incendiary song with Bizarrap where the Colombian singer destroys her ex and his new partner, as well as the mother-in-law of the former Barça player. The bloody lyrics were so explicit that everyone is still hallucinating and it will be hard to forget. Let’s get ready to hear the ‘for guys like youuuuuuuu” for months and months.

But what we said Probably the phrase that has generated the most jokes, the most mockery and the most memes on the net has been the one that speaks of the class differences that, according to Shakira, she and Gerard Piqué’s new partner have. The rancid classicism that oozes the lyrics of her song, where she puts the young Catalan at her level, only, according to her, a clock Casio and a Renault Twingo, while she considers herself Cream of the cream, a Rolex watch and a Ferrari. as she wisely said Jordi Basté in his devastating editorialafter the song was published: comparing it to a cheap watch or a small car, in an obvious claim to wealth as if cheap watches don’t keep time or small cars are no better for parking“.

Jordi Basté and Gerard Piqué / TV3

We do not know if Basté and Piqué, in the program Fora of series from TV3, to which this image corresponds, they were in a Twingo or if the watch that Shakira’s ex wore on his right wrist is a Casio, a Rolex or what. But what we do know is that the issue of the clock has a tail. In the network of the little bird, an image is making a rage where a very young Shakira is seen, when she was a teenager with black and curly hair who dreamed of becoming a singer, carrying in her left hand a green watchthat it would not be unreasonable to see its similarities with the Casios of which she now sings with contempt.

Right away, many people have criticized the tone of sobradita of looking over the shoulder, of Shakira with Clara Chía. That this get rid of and want crack de Piqué is one thing, and the other is that, to do so, he combs his new partner’s hair and belittles her, something that many have not liked. There have also been those who have proudly proclaimed, to the four winds, that they are from Team Casio, and that they are delighted with life to wear one on their wrist, instead of a Rolex. Among these, the sports presenter of the TN Vespre of TV3, the night news, Maria Fernandez Vidalwho has not hesitated to take a proud photo and show it to his followers:

Maria Fernandez Vidal / IG

Wonderful Maria. Dedicated to Shakira, she, and many others, are from Team Casio. And we from Team Maria.

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Explicit image of Maria Fernández Vidal, presenter of TV3, dedicated to Shakira