Experts assess Putin’s nuclear threats: “He has shown that he is capable of anything”

LThe latest events of Kremlin in Ukraineas well as his continued rhetoric about his nuclear powerhave put the rest of the countries on alert, especially the European Union Y USA. A scenario in which weapons of mass destruction are the protagonists is not ruled out, or at least that’s what the experts from ‘La Sexta Noche’ thought during yesterday’s Saturday program.

Marc Marginedasa journalist who participated in the Atresmedia program, and aligned himself with the opinions expressed by the historian Elena Bogushwho explained that until now, talking about nuclear weapons it was taboo. “The threats have to be taken seriously. Putin has shown us that Putin is capable of doing anything. The possibility of a nuclear attack cannot be ruled out“, declared Marginedas in ‘La Sexta Noche’.

Ukrainian Margaryta Yakovenko criticizes the UN

Another expert who participated in the debate on the actuality of the war in Ukraine was Margaret Yakovenkowho did not hesitate to question the role of actors such as the UN or other organizations with international weight: “A leader with a nuclear arsenal launches threats to Europe and nobody does anything. Neither the UN nor any body.”

For the Ukrainian journalist, it is worrying that the world is letting this matter “go” and, at the same time, does not agree with the fact that the experts are dealing with the situation “pure harmless propaganda”.

Russian television already warned about World War III

This same week, several journalists participated in a debate on ‘Russia1’ television, in which they raised the possibility of a major conflict: “Either we lose in Ukraine or the Third World War begins.” In fact, another of the analysts even called for the use of more powerful missiles in Ukraine. “One Sarmat missile and voila, there are no more British Isles”declared the Russian expert.

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Experts assess Putin’s nuclear threats: “He has shown that he is capable of anything”