Exile Content Studio launches a new original series in Spanish

ExileContentStudio, a Spanish and English content firm for a global audience on multiple platforms (TV, cinema, audio and digital), officially launched “La Casa de los Creadores”, a new three-episode short-form digital series in Spanish.

Produced in Mexico with the participation of seven renowned content creators, each episode lasts between 8 and 10 minutes. The series was directed, produced, and written by Mexican screenwriter Jesús Elizondo, and is based on an original idea by Caín Guzmán.

“We believe that once audiences experience our new short-form digital series ‘The House of Creators’ and its array of talented creators, they will be hooked and want more. This instantly compelling new series showcases the power of creative minds coming together to entertain audiences around the world with innovative content and formats, and on their preferred platforms,” said Alejandro Uribe, CEO of Exile Content Studio.

In “The House of the Creators”, Guzmán and his friends (co-creators of the series) go away for a weekend together to a cabin in the woods to record content, only for the power to go out during the first night.

When the power is restored, Guzmán discovers that one of his friends has been killed. Since no one entered or left the cabin, they assume that someone in their group had to be responsible for their friend’s death, and in order for everyone not to be accused of being an accomplice, they must find out who is to blame.

The content creator also thanked the talent agency Midas Talent, inviting the public from all over the world to join this exciting journey in digital format.

Guzman highlights:

It has been a great adventure to see this idea come to life and to be able to co-create content at another level with the entire team of ‘La Casa de los Creadores’

These are the popular content creators who joined Guzmán. Together they have more than 30 million followers, only on their TikTok channels:

  • Floriza Aguirre
  • Oswaldo Rada
  • Glory Valencia
  • Pablo Mondragon
  • Paulino Razo
  • Sergio Ibarra

The Exile team has led content production for the world’s largest Spanish-language media companies with responsibility for film studios, OTT service, broadcast and cable networks, music, news and digital. She recently co-produced Todo Va A Estar Bien with Diego Luna as showrunner for Netflix and the docu-series Un Sueño Real, about the Real Madrid women’s team for HBO with journalist Ana Pastor.

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Exile Content Studio launches a new original series in Spanish