Exclusive! Aaron Díaz talks about a new series with Ana Brenda Contreras and her loves in real life

Aaron Diaz returns to the small screen in the series all the blood, premiering September 15 on Pantaya and ViX+. In the suspenseful story, she returns to star alongside Ana Brenda Contreras. “I have known her for many years. We have worked together several times and it is always very nice to meet her again. She is a very professional actress, she knows very well what she is doing. We have a very good chemistry,” he said about who was his co-star in the telenovela Teresa a decade ago. “Seeing us together again in such different characters is going to be interesting for audiences.”

all the blood is the second book in the Casasola saga by the Mexican writer Bernard Esquinca. It is the story of Eugenio Casasola, a journalist who begins to follow a story of a serial killer in Mexico City. “He is not an ordinary murderer. He has a different touch”, he says about this subject that he murders his victims following indigenous rituals. In the story, Ana Brenda plays a lieutenant who is on the trail of this criminal.

“It has a lot of pre-Hispanic Mexico, of that Mexico that is still there very present but that is sometimes pushed aside, sometimes it is forgotten that the historic center of Mexico City is built on the old Tenochtitlán. What did it look like if Aztec gods wake up and want to stir things up again?” Diaz says of the series.

Photography: Antonio Lozano Styling: Elié Rodríguez Grooming: Davo Sthebané and Anna Mortera

Díaz told us about his life outside the set with the singer Lola Ponce and their daughters. “I am blessed to have these three wonderful women by my side. I grew up surrounded by women: my mother, my grandmother, my sister. Lola is now on tour in Italy. She is with her opera Notredame de Paris which is turning 20 years old, It is a very big tour that we are enjoying a lot as a family. We are together and touring as a family of gypsies that we are all over Italy. My daughters are growing up surrounded by art and healthy, so we are happy “.

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Photography: Antonio Lozano Styling: Elié Rodríguez Grooming: Davo Sthebané and Anna Mortera

In their Instagram accounts they share photos on the beach in Portofino, or in the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

“Their lives are different from most children their age because they have two artist parents and we tour different parts. They have a very extensive panorama of the world due to the many trips we make. They have a diverse maturity. We are not the family traditional. Every family has a different dynamic,” acknowledges the actor. “My daughters have to live with two artists who have a very busy life at the time. At other times we are a family very far from the spotlight. We are not at all the parties or at all the events. That is natural for them. It’s not the way Lola and I grew up. I see them happy in life, meeting friends everywhere. At school, today, with technology, it is easy for children to be connected or studying wherever we are and enjoying the day to day”.

His greatest treasure and source of peace are his wife and daughters. “We recharge as a family. It was always my dream to have a family like the one I have today and it is the core of happiness,” he says. “We’ve been living in hotels since February, they love it, but they also love having a more peaceful life and being on their ranch with their pets,” he says of his daughters Erin and Regina. “They have both worlds. They can put on a princess dress and be in a palace, and they can be in tennis shoes and jeans rolling around in the dirt with the dogs and animals on the ranch.”


Díaz read the saga and was fascinated by Esquinca’s books. “I worked a lot with the writer, the creator of this series,” he says. “Little by little he is putting together the puzzle.”

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Exclusive! Aaron Díaz talks about a new series with Ana Brenda Contreras and her loves in real life