Exatlón México: Who wins the Gold Shirt today, Monday, January 16?

After the loss of Yahel Castillo, this monday january 16 another cycle begins where men, again, are once again at risk of leaving Exatlón Mexico just a few weeks away from the Grand Final. However, before reaching that moment, the rounds of the teams will advance with days that on this occasion will reveal the winner of the golden shirt.

Previously, the privileges of the garment were extended to Fogel Negrete, a component of the blues who used the benefits in favor of his group that finished the journey with the highest score, and that is that their adversaries, the reds, failed to specify a single victory.

With the above in mind, the statistics and results of Exatlón Mexico They could lean again on the side of ‘Contenders’, the squad that maintained an excellent run and that now, to start another cycle, opens the day of this monday january 16 with the triumph that one of its members will carry the golden shirt.

Who wins the Golden T-shirt today Monday, January 16 at Exatlón México?

Despite the fact that there is still no official data that reveals the winner of the dynamics, it is through the analysis of the figures shared by the fans, as well as the report published by the spoilers, that the theory is exposed that a representative blue would look like this monday january 16 the shirt in color golden.

According to the data presented via social networks, it is the high performance of Liliana Hernández that makes her the winner of the golden shirt of Exatlón Mexicosince the youngster, who is now the only girl on the line, contested the most number of races and delivered many victories in them.

Gold T-shirt Monday 16 January Exatlón México
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However, it should be added that the choice of the winning athlete is not confirmed and that this is defined according to statistics. To know the outcome of the golden shirt don’t miss the transmission of this monday january 16 in Exatlón Mexico.

Who wins Villa 360 today, Monday, January 16 at Exatlón México?

Besides the golden shirttonight the winning team of Villa 360 is also replaced, the most comfortable installation of the show that according to the leaks about Exatlón Mexicowould get the blue formation again.

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Exatlón México: Who wins the Gold Shirt today, Monday, January 16?