EX-DRIVER OF DESPIERTA AMERICA COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET? With a simple photo confirms everything? Francisca and Ana Patricia congratulate him: “I adore them” (PHOTO)

  • Ex-host of Despierta América, does he come out of the closet?
  • A suspicious message from the former presenter and now businessman left everyone surprised
  • Even Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez commented

A few years have passed since Alejandro Chabán conquered thousands of fans like driver from Despierta América and is now a great businessman, influential and successful, founder of the ‘Yes You Can’ brand, but like several other celebrities such as Fernando Colunga, Raúl González, Eduardo Verástegui and more, he has always been suspected of your sexual preferences.

Now, through your account Instagramthe former host of Despierta América and actor in Telemundo soap operas such as ‘Elcara de Analía’, Prisonera’ and episodes of ‘Decisiones’, hinted that he would have a relationship with another man and although he does not make it clear, perhaps his friends of the show, put it in evidence confirming it.

Alejandro Chabán, did he come out of the closet with a message?


Much has been said about various drivers of showswhose sexual preferences, which should not be a taboo subject at this point in the middle of 2022, have caused controversy, although like Ricky Martin, Pablo Alborán, Christian Chávez and others, they were honest when they thought it was convenient.

Now, Alejandro Chabán’s speculations fall thanks to a message that raised suspicions and a photograph in which he appears very smiling with a handsome man who is possibly his partner and neither more nor less, Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez, his former colleagues from Despierta América, did you confirm it?

At 40, Alejandro Chabán is a successful businessman

Alejandro Chabán in Wake up America

As reported on the news portal ‘The Vibe’Recently, Alejandro Chabán appeared in Forbes magazine as part of an edition of outstanding businessmen, where the 40-year-old Venezuelan was honest about his beginnings, impacting his followers, as he revealed that he became a waiter and a clown.

The actor is also from Venezuela and specified that being a well-known businessman now with his ‘Yes You Can’ brand cost him many sacrifices and difficult situations, such as in 2008 when, due to a lack of job opportunities, he had to start as a waiter and even as a clown, while going to auditions for acting roles.

The photograph “confirming suspicions” about the former host of Despierta América

The suspicious message of the former host of Despierta América

On his Instagram account, the businessman, former driver and actor shares the project of his life ‘Yes You Can’, his brand with healthy products that even Francisca Lachapel takes, but now, he preferred to put a tender message with a man who It may be your partner.

“I’m wearing the smile you gave me,” Alejandro Chabán described the image with even two emoticons of a chicken and a dog, appearing very smiling dressed in a full black gala together with a handsome leading man who was also very smiling and both holding glasses, as celebrating something important, however, do Ana Patricia and Francisca ‘screw up’?

Do Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez confirm the suspicions of their former partner from Despierta América?

Wake up America with Francisca

And it is that during the time that Alejandro Chabán was as a driver in Despierta América, he was even romantically related to Francisca Lachapel, which naturally never happened, since they only had a great friendship that has lasted until these days where the new mother takes the entrepreneur’s products.

But in the photograph where Chabán appears very happy with the handsome man, Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez confirmed what many suspected of him thanks to their reactions and messages: “I love this photograph!!! I adore you”, wrote the first with heart emoticons; For her part, the Mexican put them: “How beautiful the smile when it is mutual.”

The handsome man who appears next to Alejandro Chabán, are they married?

Alejandro Chaban and his partner

In addition to the two former partners of Alejandro Chabán, it was also the people who commented on the former host of Despierta América how well they looked together: “But BELLOOOOSSS. I adore them”, “They look cute”, “Love is love in all its forms”, “Beautiful how beautiful to see you happy”, commented more people.

But one person noticed a very important detail in the photograph of Chabán’s suspicious message and that is that in fact they both have the same ring, so a follower assured that they were married: “They both got married they have the same ring”, “Wow what beautiful couple together forever blessings”, “And the two have the same name”, “How beautiful is love, they make a very beautiful couple and already say what is already obvious”, commented more people.

‘The new Alejandro Chabán’, slimmer and fitter

Alejandro Chabán in Wake up America

Although in Despierta América he was not so noticeable, Alejandro Chabán was overweight and said that in his adolescence he weighed up to 314 pounds, which undoubtedly affected his health because he had many problems sleeping, breathing, to the point that he could not walk or something as simple as tying your shoelaces.

Until one day he said that when he saw himself in the mirror, he became aware that he had to act and improve his health or he would definitely die and 10 years ago he decided to found his brand to help people no longer have weight problems and decide to carry a better lifestyle.

“Now say what is obvious”, they ask Alejandro Chabán for sincerity

The former host of Wake up America with his love

Although there are few images that he has with his alleged partner, who apparently would also be called Alejandro, the former host of Despierta América “they cheered him on”, so that he would dare to come out of the closet or say what many consider “it is obvious”. , according to the comments on his photo of the message:

“Now say what is already obvious”, “Alejandro you got married in secret, they both have a ring”, “Since when has he had a husband? Congratulations ”,“ Is it his partner? ”,“ Are they boyfriends? ”,“ Are you gay? OMG and I wanted you for myself ”,“ I already suspected it since when haha ​​congratulations they look cute ”,“ I always sensed it that well !!! Long live Love, Congratulations Beautiful couple !!”, “Wow they are already married”, wrote more people.

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EX-DRIVER OF DESPIERTA AMERICA COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET? With a simple photo confirms everything? Francisca and Ana Patricia congratulate him: “I adore them” (PHOTO)