Everything we know about the third season of ‘the Boys’

The new season of The Boys still no release date. But of course, there is considerable discussion of everything that can happen in the new episodes of the series. Especially, when everything seems to indicate that it will be the most brutal, violent and bloody version of a series that originally, it already was.

For now, the adaptation of the graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson will retain its tone and rhythm. But especially, everything indicates that showrunner Eric Kripke will stick much more to the original materiall, which is always good news.

Especially when the second season showed the true limits of the most wicked and ambiguous group of superheroes in pop culture. With a homerlander about to cross in more directly the line of no return, the series could reach a new dimension.

It is perhaps one of the most risky projects of the genre and the one with the best results. After the critical disaster of The Legacy of Jupiter of Netflix, the notion about a more mundane and more twisted heroism, The Boys has a curious challenge.

On the one hand, maintaining her style and sense of brilliant cruelty that has distinguished her so far. For the other, create the conditions for the story to maintain its quality in the seasons to come. Will he be able to do it The Boys?