Eugenio Derbez and Francisca’s baby will have a special role in the beginning of Despierta América on Sunday

have done in the last few years.[aplausos]alan: amazing.pretty words.mac, centanos.[risas][hablan a la vez]with your new partner.maía: my jackie and rosario.[risas]Alan: How was the preparation?Maya: as it should be. givingall of the heart. thinking athing. when one is inSunday in bed, startsee inform him and there is nothingaye, not behind us thatwe are a great heart forentertain say what’s going onSunday we will be just pure inauguracón.[risas]then we will be with sleeves offolded shirt bringing,exactly, those stories thatthey were written by you, life,they give us the privilege of tellingto all.stories they are going to tellguest reporters.who will be the first?rúl: the first is the greatEugenio Derbez.will be among allLatinas most important andmighty hollywood victoriaalonso. be our firstguest reporter of thisweek. from what they told usthe interview imagines, I knowimagine a eugenio derbezconversing with such a womanimportant like her. Be thefirst taste.alan: imagina.jackie: god io. one that allthe world is waiting for you. theI really suck. all the worldwants to know the new facet ofFrancisca with her new son. meI saw it spectacular. thingswhat francisca has to say.we are going to see a franciscacompletely different. I hadthe honor and pleasure of beingat home with that beé. nois. honestly, we have oneof the most beautiful was i sayingmate mac and all of youhere, you will be theprotagonists of this program.on sunday we will comepretty, but then in pajamas and[risas]karla: I like it.expensive, how has it been working withthese greats of television?my mac that is a story.Carolina: These are a dream come truereality.I never imagined it. I did not raisewhat did you have the opportunity towork with maía antonietacollins. we will getworked up. with rúl, my god,part is to which everythingfocused on bringing the news.the same mission that he has hadunivision to inform thecommunity with what you needknow to take thedecisions. alsocontributing with reportsspecials. those stories thatare their stories that we will betelling everyone hereyou guys. I’m excited.alan: welcome.talking about me there is no betterhistory on this planet thatmaya antonieta collinscounting. each story onewants to hear, wants to’s amazing. it’s amazingthat one feels.a key. September 19 isone day, one month, one Septemberterrible month for many inexxic by earthquakes. goto see what we have prepared.the second story, because II’ll be with the spoon, aíI found four-legged heroes.those that break the heart ofall because they save life.we have a mega surprise thatthat miracle child, the childmiracle that one did not survive,did not survive two, havesurvived three earthquakes inSeptember. in the month ofSeptember.Alan: Just those a taste.imagine how the nextSunday. what a taste live.also say that jomari will sufficehere, live, this Sunday.comes with “our beautylatina”.jackie: some advice forget up early on Sundays?Alan: tell you that you never leaveaccustom.[risas]karla: they have to be verydisciplined and stay awake.[risas]alan: rul have to be early.[hablan a la vez][risas]karla: all the success in the world.we will be very pending. thisSunday at 8:00 am byunivision.

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