Episode 46 of ‘Love is in the air’ (season 2) lays the foundation for forming the Bolat Yildiz family

Eda and Serkan Bolat continue to learn as they go. Now that they live under the same roof, new frictions arise, but also a lot of chemistry.

The Bolat-Yildiz continue to work to start a family. In previous episodes of season 2 of Love is in the air, a judge forced them to live under the same roof for the sake of Kiraz and Eda (Hande Erçel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin) are taking it as best they can. It is not easy to adapt to the parenting style of the other and the first friction about it is already emerging. But beware, because chapter 46 of Love is in the air It is also a great advance for the couple.

Eda has raised her daughter alone for five years and, although she missed her relationship with Serkan and has felt lonely, she is also not willing to have someone come to completely change what she has built with so much effort. It is not the only sensitive issue that they must deal with. The two are used to living alone and discussions about the most everyday things are the order of the day. Either by shopping or choosing a watermelon.

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To these tensions it must be added that Eda cannot trust Serkan 100%. She is afraid that he will abandon her again, although now there is Kiraz. For this reason, when the businessman goes out to eat with Denise even though he had told her that they were only going for a coffee, he unleashes the protagonist’s fury. Eda realizes that it was just a business lunch and the tension between them lowers.

Serkan continues to try to regain his confidence and one of his goals is to sleep with his ex-partner. Despite all the barriers she puts up, from time to time they end up together. This is what happened in the episode. The three of them have woken up in the same bed, Eda, Serkan and Kiraz, forming a beautiful family picture but provoking the anger of the protagonist, who is not yet ready to trust her ex-partner again.

Regardless, the series is increasingly focusing on them as a family. Kiraz wants to have a brother or sister, Serkan talks about their future together – perhaps in Italy? – and now Eda and the businessman will try to get their daughter into a school where children are admitted according to their parents. For this, they need an acquaintance with good contacts and who wants to help them, who better than Mrs. Aydan (Neslihan Yeldan)?

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The relationship between her and her son is not at its best due to his mother’s affair with Kermal, but Serkan is going to have to swallow his pride to achieve his purpose. What’s more, there is another question on the way: the protagonist still does not know that Alptekin is not his real father, but that he is Kemal the biological. Mrs. Aydan slept with Kemal when her relationship with her husband broke down for a few days and the fruit of that adventure is Serkan.

Chapter 46 of Love is in the air It houses two key scenes for the future of the Turkish soap opera. On the one hand, the moment when Aydan tells his son on the phone that his real father is Kemal. On the other, the meeting at the door between Eda and Serkan that makes it clear that sparks fly between them. The series continues to air in Turkey just one month before its final end. In Spain, the second season has just been released, which is available on Mitele and Divinity.