June 10, 2021

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Enrique Albis ex ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ reappears and faces the judge on charges of sexual abuse

Enrique Albis ex El Gordo y la Flaca reappears and
Enrique Albis ex 'El Gordo y la Flaca' reappears and faces the judge on charges of sexual abuse

Enrique Albis appeared in front of the judge in one of the 4 sexual abuse cases.

Photo: Zoom Miami Dade Court / Courtesy

After 2 years of disappearing when he was fired from Univision, Enrique Albis, former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, reappears and faces the judge on the charge of sexual abuse.

Via zoom and from your car, Albis had his first hearing for one of the 4 minor and major sexual abuse lawsuits. Using a legal translator, the former producer of the Univision show heard Judge Kristy Nuñez, who asked him about his charges.

However, their first court date only lasted minutes, and ended up being a mere formality, as Albis’ attorney, Mary Corbin, alleged that the complainant’s statement was still missing, who lives in Chicago, and had not been taken over by the prosecution.

In addition, the lawyer explained that in this month of June, the Cuban comedian must present himself in the face of three more demands, one of them for a felony, and that it is possible that the prosecutors decide to unify the demands, so I asked for a little more time.

What I ask is that more time be given to this case, because this coming Monday, June 14, will have the first hearing for the felony case and another on June 22“, Explained the lawyer of Albis to the judge.

Given this, Judge Nuñez explained that when there are victims of sexual cases, the Williams rule is exercised, where the same declaration is unified for both cases, and she wanted to know if this could happen with Albis.

I spoke with the prosecutor who is in charge of the felony case and she said yes, that both in these cases the prosecutor for the felony and the public defender will work together.Consequently, that is why I wanted the cases to go together, ”replied the lawyer Corbin who represents Albis.

Given this explanation, Judge Nuñez asked Albis if he agreed to set the new date of June 26, after the other two hearings, to appear again with her, to which he agreed that he had and was terminated.

Let’s remember that in August 2019, ‘Chisme No Like’, hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, made the first complaint when they presented a recording where Albis was heard asking an actress, who was going to a casting to work, supposedly, for ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, to have sex … After so much insistence, the woman felt intimacy in showing her butt, and in the recording you can hear how the producer masturbates.

Faced with that complaint Univision fired Albis and began an investigation where he invited all the chain’s employees to report if they had been harassed or if they knew of any harassment.

Although at the time Albis’ victims made an agreement with Univision, and signed a confidentiality contract in exchange for a certain sum of money, all that was put to the ground, when after an investigation by The Miami Herald, The prosecution decided to return to the subject, change from civil to criminal and two of the cases had a change of cover and accusation.

In one you must face two felonies of sexual assault and two misdemeanors of assault. In the second case, he was formally charged with felony of illegal detention, one minor for robbery for sudden outburst and another for injuries.