End of cycle. With words full of emotion and gratitude, Silvia Martínez Cassina said goodbye to eltrece

After 30 years at Artear, Silvia Martínez Cassina said goodbye to Newscast Thirteen and from that sign. With thanks to everyone and surrounded by the affection of her colleagues, the journalist closed her long cycle on the channel. “The balance is wonderful and I thank you”. A while before, through her Twitter account, he had invited everyone to share that moment with her.

After the classic forecast and at the end of the news, Frederick Seeber He was in charge of giving the journalist the foot to say goodbye to his colleagues and the public. Behind a graph that read “Thank you Silvia!”, the driver expressed: “For me it is a pleasure to always share [el trabajo] with Silvia Martínez Cassina. Having known you from the first day when I entered the channel. See professionals of the host, and you are one of them. Learning minute by minute and sharing the air with you in recent times fills me with pride, ”said her colleague, looking into her eyes.

With a smile, the driver spoke. “Today is my last day. Also yours here, in the Newscast Thirteen. New winds are coming…”, started, referring to the changes that the news will have with the arrival of Luis Otero and Sandra Borghi. “And it’s my last day on channel 13 after 30 years. 30 years of which two were in the state period and the last 28 were in this company”, he reviewed. Looking at the public, Martínez Cansina continued: “The last 25 I went into his house. Many thanks. Uninterrupted, every day, on the same screen. I am very grateful to the audience, to the viewers for that permanent affection”.

Then, the journalist said that she received many messages for her departure, those who waited for her return when she went on vacation and also those who recently, “who wondered and were very curious about the last days of uncertainty”.

After repeating that it’s 30 years of work, –“more than half of my life,” he stressed-, said that happiness, joys, projects, births, dear and endearing losses of colleagues who marked her happened during that time. “That they have left their mark and I want to remember them,” he assured, and mentioned mario mazzoneto the Turkish Enrique Sdrech, to Debora Perez Volpinto Marta Salatino, “who used make-up and in addition to putting her hands on the face, caressed the soul”. “They have left a permanent mark, everyone who has passed through my life.”

“I also believe that I have left a mark on all of you and you are letting me know, My heart explodes with gratitude for this affection because my cell phone battery or memory is not enough…”, he indicated, and began to make a tour of each sector of the newscast to highlight the work of each one and thank them: the archive, satellite, digitalization, electronic art, entrance table, editors and editors, cameramen and cameramen, correspondents, motorcycles and street chroniclers, newsroom, producers, control, security, reception, the guys in the parking lot, human resources, systems, technicians…”, he listed.

Journalist Silvia Martínez Cassina worked for the signal for 30 years, “more than half of my life,” she said.Twitter @smcassina

After a special thanks for having passed through the cycle has the floor “which for six years gave me, I think, the greatest professional pleasure”, he focused on “His partners, who were more than in private life”he joked. Among them he mentioned Santo Biasatti, Luis Otero, Mario Mazzone, Sergio Lapegue and Federico Seeber. “I love you all very much,” he added, including the columnists and editors. And to the journalists who let us never stop asking ourselves, and questioning what, who, how, where, when, why and what for. That is the essence of our work”.

about the end, spoke about her role as union delegate. “I thank my colleagues for giving me this new role, unthinkable for me. I learned some things, I surely missed many, but I urge you to continue knowing what our rights are as workers, because the only way to defend them is to know what our rights are.”

After receiving a huge bouquet of flowers, he thanked Franco and Natalia, their children, their granddaughter and the grandson who is about to arriveand he said goodbye with a phrase: “Where you can’t love or can no longer have the passion of always, don’t delay”. “I was there for 30 years, and the balance is wonderful. And I thank you.”

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End of cycle. With words full of emotion and gratitude, Silvia Martínez Cassina said goodbye to eltrece