Emiliano Boscatto spoke about the complaints of harassment in Big Brother and was categorical

Emiliano Boscatorunner-up of Big Brother (Telefe) in 2011, joined the complaints of sexual harassment made by former participants against members of the reality show. Supporting former colleagues, the porn actor confirmed the scandalous versions of him.

In dialogue with TN Showthe Cordovan confirmed: “I did not experience harassment or casting sheetI also didn’t know that it had happened to some of the girls. In a chat we have, the names of two girls came up who seem to have slept with someone”.

“I knew about the GHs that were made in America. There I am aware that there were such arrangements to enter the house”, he explained about the rumors he heard prior to the arrival of the reality show to phone.

The serious complaint of Pamela Bevilacqua against Big Brother

11 years after that “Big Brother” where Cristian U obtained the controversial consecration, Pamela Bevilacqua broke the silence and recounted the ordeal she experienced in said project.

In an interview with John Etchegoyen for Miter Live (Monday to Friday at 5:00 p.m. on Radio Miter’s social networks), the former participant revealed that it was a reality that to be in force in the medium, the girls had to get cosmetic touch-ups and have media scandalsbut really in that story he expressed the most unknown about the production: “There are women who do it, having to be cool… You know that they are touching you too much and because of the possibility of getting something, Nothing ever happened to me on time, but if I talked to women who had not entered the house because they were sleeping with someone, I have known of girls who have even agreed because they asked for sex at the casting.

“It was commented like ‘boluda you don’t know what happened to me, they called you for this and they told you what to do’… It cost me that and that took me away from the middlehaving to wake up and see what to do, there is no reason, but everything happens for a reason, I dedicated myself to a beautiful profession that is real estate, “he added Pamela later.

Also Bevilacqua He explained the differences between the one who later established himself as the winner of the reality show and the rest of the cast: “They did not let us enter the confessional all the time and Cristian U could, so that seemed bad to me, and not to mention later when he left and re-entered when the contract was clear that a participant who left the house by choice could not re-enter and they did not respect it, that Cristian U win was arranged because he gave them a rating”, Said the former participant in that sense.

What Emanuel Di Gioia said about the complaints against Big Brother

Emmanuel DiGioia talked with John Etchegoyen, The journalist went straight to the point and consulted him about the strong statements that Pamela Bevilacqua. “The I listened to Pame and let me tell you that we have an internal chat of all of us who participated in ‘GH’ 2011, except one person You know who I’m talking about, right? of the winner (Cristian U) and I’ll give you a glimpse of what is lived: It made me helpless and sad because you have to handle yourself that way to be able to enter.”

In addition, Di Gioia He revealed what his uncomfortable experience would have been: “I don’t know; something similar happened to mebut It was also like a game they played on me to see how much I would give to get in… My thing was that when I filled out the form, they made you go to the Telefe studios and there was a long queue with the last people who signed up, I remember that when we go, one x person interviews you beforehand and suddenly I see that They went in and out, and I went into an office and stayed for several minutes, I said ‘well, they saw something’. In fact, they took me to a lady who was a psychologist and sexologist, she was very cool and I remember that she saw something in me “.

Emanuel assured that she received a tricky proposal from this sexologist: “They want sex, skin, friction, that’s the ‘Big Brother’ game and I remember that she, in that office, He began to check everywhere and took money from everywhere, he told me that he had 450 pesos, at that time it was a fortune; He took out the money and put it on the desk and asked me: ‘With this money, what do you do to me?’Treating me like a taxi boy I think it was also a bit of prodding to see if what I was saying was accurate.”

Di Gioia That proposal was taken as part of a spicy dynamic, but he really concluded that it would not be ideal if this is presented to a lady: “I stopped, I grabbed the money like a bun, I told him to stop, I put the money in his pocket and told him that the first one was free, there he grabbed me by the hand and took me to a room where there were 10 gathered producers, one of them was prodding me and you have to be prepared in the head”. When the journalist asked him to reaffirm that they had offered him money for having sexual relations, the former “Big Brother” expressed: “Yes, it was like that and I don’t like to talk, mine was a game that was made to see if he got a trip and I doubled the bet.”

Besides, Emanuel commented: “I was not going to do anything at all because I had the same partner that I have now, I put myself in the place of a woman who makes a preposition like this and it actually happened yesterday when Pamela came out to speak, the chat we have with the boys was revolutionized, it was revolutionized badly and many people told incidents that had never been told and a pot was uncovered that one cannot even believe; I know that two girls were offered to enter something in exchange, one of them confirmed it in the chat.


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Emiliano Boscatto spoke about the complaints of harassment in Big Brother and was categorical