El Purre and Kevsho tell us about the second season of “Entrelazados” | INTERVIEW

The second season of intertwineda Disney Plus series made in Argentina, is now available on the streaming platform. According to the surprise of the last chapter of the first season and the production trailer reveals that Allegra will no longer be the only one to travel in time.

And it is that at the end of episode 10 of the first season we see a character from the 90s appear, something that causes surprise in the protagonist. So season 2 of Entwined must answer many unknowns.

To learn more about the new season of the series disneyplus, Depor spoke with two of the protagonists of the story: El Purre, whose real name is José Giménez Zapiola and in the series he plays Marco, and Kevsho (Félix).

What was it like sharing scenes in the second season?

The puree: “I think it was a lot of fun, for example the difference and the competition they have for Allegra. I think the link between them brings a bit of comedy in this second season, we also get to know Marco in another way (because he is in the future) and he doesn’t understand many things from the time ”.

Kevsho: “For Felix (Kevsho’s character in Intertwined) it’s a bit like the worst thing that could have happened to him, but this is going to cause people to see a pretty funny duo. In the first season we’re in the same series, but we don’t share scenes because we’re on different time lines, so seeing us together is like one of the big surprises people are going to have, plus there’s Allegra and that’s something that in the first season Season one saw it as super far away and impossible, so we think he’s going to like that a lot.”.

Do you think you are going to make a third season, would you like it?

The puree: “I think we would love it, I think that when you see the first season you say ‘ok, it’s a good ending’, but what do we do to improve this because the bar was too high. So, the best thing about the second season, besides the story, is that the end of each episode is incredible because it generates a lot of intrigue and you can’t imagine the end of the second season.”.

Kevsho: “Obviously I want a third season and as El Purre says, ask people to watch the second season over and over again, and ask a lot for a third, hopefully it can be done. We don’t know what will happen because there are a thousand possibilities with time travel, but well, first we must release the second one “.

If you had the opportunity to travel in time for love, would you do it?

The puree: “I think so. When Marco arrives in 2021, I think it is a gigantic act of love that he has because he does not care about the consequences that his arrival in the present may cause, he does not think twice, he acts impulsively and I think that the interesting thing about this trip is that Marco He will realize that this element (bracelet) is going to put an enigma on him that is a problem to be solved, so since the search is what comes to be the present and what he has to do, the second season also becomes very interesting ”.


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El Purre and Kevsho tell us about the second season of “Entrelazados” | INTERVIEW