“El Pirru” speaks ill of his son José Emilio and assures that, at his age, he can no longer be a victim

José María “el Pirru” Fernández defends himself against statements that his son, Jose Emilio Fernandez Levyhas done about him, after a few weeks ago he told “Ventaneando” that the prosecutor’s office had issued an arrest and eviction order against his father for not paying the maintenance of a property, and although the young man stressed that it was he who warned his father of what was happening in court, he held him responsible for being the one who accused him, for which, now, he responds to José Emilio and assures that, of his children, he is the one who has victimized himself the most and has tried to take advantage of the inheritance that his mother Mariana Levy left him and that he has not yet been able to collect.

This morning, “Venga la alegría” showed an interview that he had with “el Pirru”, father of Paula (21 years old) and José Emilio (19 years old), whom he had at the side of Mariana Levy who, unfortunately, passed away in 2005. In fact, it has been about his death where many of the problems that persist within the family come from because, now that his children are of legal age, they are looking to collect the part of the inheritance that corresponds to them, however , this process has been hindered, according to what the actress’s youngest son has told the media, pointing out to María’s lawyer, her older sister, to prevent him and Paula from receiving their share.

But the problems due to the inheritance of Mariana Levy have not only affected the relationship that exists between siblings, but also between father and son, since the 19-year-old has confided to the press that his father has tried to take advantage of the real estate that his mother left behind while he was alive. creditor of a million-dollar debt, of 1 million 200 thousand pesos to be exact, for paying the maintenance of the property, which belongs to a very exclusive area of ​​the state.

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This situation has caused the concern of José Emilio because, according to what he has recounted, when he warned his father that, for that debt, a control judge had issued an arrest and eviction order against him, “el Pirru” not only blamed him for his legal situation, but also abandoned the property, taking all the furniture, and without paying the debt that the young man now has to resolve.

Faced with these statements, Fernández already broke the silence and, like José Emilio, he did so expressing himself not very well about his son, as he assured that he was the one who kicked him out of the house and not only that, but he assured that although the house is in the name of Mariana Levy, it was he who put up the money to buy it but, at that time, he sought to protect the actress in some way, as he told the morning program of TV Azteca:

“A house that I built with my money; at the time of the deed, I put it in Mariana’s name, in a sense of protecting her, when Mariana dies, the house stays there,” he explained.

In that sense, he assured that the two properties they had as a family; a house in Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City, and another house in Zumiya, Morelos, for which, at that time, he and Talina Fernández, Mariana’s mother, divided the expenses that each of them would continue to generate maintenance costs; Talina would take care of the house in CDMX and he of the house in Cuernavaca. In fact, “el Pirru” tried to endorse that this property belongs to him, since he said that, in 2016, his children gave him the property, through the signing of the life usufruct of the house, which means that they gave him the rights to become the owner of the property.

“More than a legal issue, it was a matter of a lot of love, of a lot of understanding, well I said: ‘What a father that in the end they have realized that yes, although it is not my legal house, it is my moral house,'” he said.

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However, he stressed that this agreement was breached by his son when he asked him to leave what he considered his home, since “el Pirru” assures that since the young man turned 17 he was anxious to collect the money that corresponded to him: “Simply and simply he came and told me: -You know what? I want you to leave my house now” (…) he also says “he kicked me out”. 19 years seems incredible to me that he continues to play the victim,” he said.

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“El Pirru” speaks ill of his son José Emilio and assures that, at his age, he can no longer be a victim