Eduardo Feinmann’s new job proposal: which program is he going to

These are times of absolute changes for several workers in Argentina. Shortly before the Christmas and New Years holidays arrive, Eduardo Feinmann received a job offer. In the last hours, it was learned that you can leave Radio Rivadavia to land at Radio Miter (AM 790), one of the spaces most opposed to the Government of Alberto Fernández.

From the surprising and scandalous departure of Marcelo Longobardi of the radio channel belonging to Clarín Group, the authorities made the decision to make a proposal to Feinmann, other ultramacrist journalist that since February 2020 has good numbers in Radio Rivadavia, where it leads “Someone has to say” in the morning.

In addition to carrying out the news of The Nation TV, channel that responds to the interests of Mauricio Macri, Feinmann is just one step away from command the radio space with the largest audience in Argentina, in the time slot from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. It should be noted that Luis Majul, another that was in Radio Rivadavia, will also leave, although to command the morning news in LN+.

Eduardo Feinmann, one step away from changing jobs on the radio.

There is no doubt that, looking to 2022, Radio Miter and the Clarín Group They intend to continue counting on verbose figures in front of the microphones to continue distilling hatred and anger in Argentine society.

The list of Radio Miter journalists who are leaving: who they are

Marcelo Longobardi

They hadn’t gotten along for years, but in recent months the media dispute Come in Marcelo Longobardi and Jorge Lanata it reached unsuspected levels. Tired of Chicanas and mistreatment from your colleague, Lombards unexpectedly gave up Radio Miter. Of course, among the reasons for his resignation there is also a economic background, as detailed in News: the ex-driver of Every morning would receive a salary of 2 million pesos (approximately 10 thousand dollars in the current price of the informal dollar) while for his work in CNN it would charge 20 thousand dollars and with a much lower hourly load.

Pablo Rossi

This Wednesday, December 1, Pablo Montagna and Laura Ubfal confirmed that Pablo Rossi announced to the authorities of Radio Miter that he will not continue with his program on the anti-Peronist station. According to entertainment journalists, the man from Cordoba claimed “destrato” by the conduction of the radio, given that he thought they would offer him the driving of the schedule that Marcelo Longobardi left free. The main target for that place was Jonatan Viale, but Mauro’s son confirmed that he will stay in Radio Rivadavia. That same station it would be the fate of Pablo Rossi, which would stay with the first morning after the departure of Luis Majul.

Willy Kohan

The resignation of Marcelo Longobardi he opened one puerta a Willy Kohan: went to drive the first morning of Radio Miter replacing the historic driver. However, the substitution will end soon and yet there are no certainties about his future in the station of Clarín Group. It is that the political columnist will begin his vacation on December 17 and for the moment did not define if it will continue in Radio Miter during 2022.

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Eduardo Feinmann’s new job proposal: which program is he going to