Edith González wrote a letter to her daughter Constanza before she died

On June 13, 2019, edith gonzalez died at age 54. Last Tuesday marked the fourth anniversary of the death of the actress, and her family honored her memory with an emotional mass, where her widower, Lorenzo Lazohe remembered her with much love, and also the baby they lost.

In the midst of this fourth mournful anniversary and all the fond memories of the famous Mexican, the last letter that González wrote to his only daughter came to light, Constance Creelwho rarely appears publicly.

Edith González in the play ‘A particular day’, 2017; Edith González with her daughter, Constanza Creel González.Getty Images; Edith Gonzalez / Instagram

These letters date back to the month of August 2018, when Edith wrote to her daughter for her 14th birthday, a letter from mother to daughter in which she not only expressed how proud she is of her, but also gave her understand how complicated life is.

“One day you announced your arrival, dominating my body, transforming it. Without false sentimentality I felt your growth. Your arrival was strong, delicate, expected, beautiful. When you emerged from my womb you made me endearing, you made me a mother ”, González began by saying in the letter that went viral on social networks.

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Edith’s moving words continued: “And I was able to hold in my arms a being that, without suspecting the depths of motherhood, I naively thought I could shape. Little by little you have taught me that parents can only aspire to be a guide in the immense sea that is life”.

“This sea that you love and from which you have had to surf big waves and you come out of each challenge with grace and intelligence. No, love, life isn’t easy, but it’s cabro#$%& beautiful. You have a very determined heart, a sharp intelligence and a generous spirit,” she added.

Also, the artist highlighted the qualities of her little girl, the result of the relationship she had with santiago creel. “You are a beautiful girl, I can only say thank you for allowing me to be your mother, watch over your dream and see in you the miracle of life. Cons, hand in hand we travel the world, after all, we are stardust. Happy Happy Birthday. I love you, little girl”, concluded the artist’s message.

Let’s remember that Constanza was 14 years old when her mother died from ovarian cancer, which she suffered, to be exact, two months before she celebrated her 15th birthday. changed my life completely.

Since then, Constanza has moved in with her father, Santiago Creel, who together with his wife, Paulina Velasco Salcido, and daughters, miranda and Paulina Creel Velasco, gave him a new home.

It should be noted that the Mexican politician has been married twice, and had children from both marriages.. His first wife was Beatriz Garzawith whom he had Santiago, Maria and Beatriz Creel Garza. After her first three offspring, Constanza arrived, who is now 18 years old, and after her, her second nuptials follow.

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Edith González wrote a letter to her daughter Constanza before she died