Drowning slaps: ShowMatch continues to fail in rating and Marcelo Tinelli is running out of strategies

Two weeks ago Marcelo tinelli decided to give a spin to ShowMatch. And instead of focusing on the media scandals that fueled the show for more than a decade, the host decided to bet on emotion with different tributes not just the celebrities who participate in The academy, but some lesser known figures. But the formula ran out after a few days and the rating dropped again, marking the inattention of viewers and putting the driver of The thirteen.

The change occurred on Tuesday, June 29, when the cycle went live and peaked 12.7 rating points with a mini recital by Karina La Princesita, her daughter Sol -the fruit of her relationship with El Polaco- and her boyfriend, Nicolás Furman, and surprises for the dancers Jonathan Lazarte -who accompanies Ángela Leiva in the competition- and Ernesto “Tito” Díaz, Viviana Saccone’s partner. But the formula did not get the same results in subsequent broadcasts.

Mar Tarrés was reunited with her grandmother after many months away from the pandemic, the dancer Soledad Bayona, who participates with Mario Guerci, was surprised by her boyfriend, who proposed to her live marriage and the Pole paid tribute to his father, Jorge Carlos Cwirkaluk, days after his death and accompanied by his entire family. Y at the gala on Thursday 15, minutes before it started The Argentine Voice on Telefe, the “Cabezón” played two important cards.

On the one hand, He continued to form pairs within the contest. It has been several galas that revealed that Angela Leiva is meeting Francisco Caivano, one of his producers, and not only asked him personal questions to find out what things they have in common, but also made them dance in the center of the floor. And in the middle of the live he was surprised by another possible romance, since Hernán Piquín sent Jonatan Lazarte to the front and forced him to tell that he spoke privately with Jimena Barón, to whom different suitors have been introduced since the program began.

And finally, Eugenia López Frugoni and Lolo Rossi, the competition’s chief coaches, were surprised by their children with a video and choreography on the court. “We are friends for many years. We saw each other grow up, we saw each other have family,” said Rossi, moved. “The truth is that I still haven’t fallen, I want to get home and see him again. I’m so excited that I don’t know what to say,” added his partner. But neither love nor family were enough for the measurements to exceed Doctor Miracle Y The Argentine Voice, which made 18.2 and 21.1 points respectively, while ShowMatch was the most watched program of The thirteen but only reaped 10.3.

What was proven is that when the format goes live, it yields much more than when it is recorded in advance. What’s more, With the excuse of the galas that were suspended for the Copa América matches, several weeks ago Tinelli stopped doing the Friday humor special and for the moment it will only continue with The academy, which will have new participants from mid-August.