Dragon Ball – The supposed new anime series that would already be underway would not be a sequel to Dragon Ball Super

How is the world of dragonball! Before we begin, we want to make it clear that everything you are going to read is not confirmed. Toei Animation It has not come out at any time to corroborate the information that the insiders of the series have been publishing in recent months.

Will a new anime be announced dragonball Coming Soon? Will it have to do with Dragon Ball Super Or is it something totally different? We bring you up to date on everything that is being talked about.

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At the beginning of the year, the boss of the Dragon Ball Room, Akio Iyoku, dropped a bomb that has not yet finished exploding: a very big surprise for the series would be announced this year 2022. Well, we are in mid-November and we still don’t know anything. What’s more, since summer we don’t have new manga chapters either. Dragon Ball Super. How long will this drought last?

According to the most famous insiders of dragonballDecember would be a key month for the revival of the most famous work of Akira Toriyama. Not only could the manga of toyotarowhich is on a break to return with a saga of the highest quality, but also something bigger…


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According to @dbs20191a month or so from now, a new weekly anime series of dragonball. He even points out that it will not be about the return of Dragon Ball Superbut of something totally different. In fact, other insiders are in the same vein and point out that it would not be a remake either, but rather another series that would already be in pre-production.

All this information, which we insist is not officially confirmed, would be in line with what they said a few weeks ago about the announcement of the alleged ONA. These same accounts claimed that first an anime web series would be released and, later, the sequel to the anime of Dragon Ball Super. Will this ONA be announced then? dragonball next month?

Dragon Ball - More details about the supposed anime series that would be underway, without official confirmation

At the moment, as we are making clear in the article, there is no official information about it, so we have no choice but to wait and take refuge in the alleged leaks from these insiders. By the way, they also specified that the announcement could be close to December 7, the release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in physical format in Japan.

How have you been with all this? Are you curious about what Toei Animation has been working on? If they really give us an ONA of dragonballWill it live up to expectations? ohKai, Kai!

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Dragon Ball – The supposed new anime series that would already be underway would not be a sequel to Dragon Ball Super