Dragon Ball Super – We already have the release date of the new chapter of the series. Don’t make plans!

We will tell you when the new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super series will be released! Very little left …

Dragon Ball Super It has become a brand that does not stop generating income. In fact, the work of Akira Toriyama is currently the most successful product of Toei Animation Y Bandai Namco.

The numbers are incredible, especially considering that we have not had a weekly anime series since 2018. So what does the franchise sustain?

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One of the key factors is merchandising. The products of Dragon Ball are all the rage around the world and fans do not stop buying everything that comes out of Son Goku, being Super the most acclaimed series and represented in the articles.

On the other hand we have the original manga of Dragon Ball Super. As you know, they carry it out Akira Toriyama Y Toyotaro, so it is a totally canonical work. What’s more, the series is more exciting than ever, not in vain we are immersed in one of the nuclear battles of the saga of Granola, with Goku and Vegeta as great protagonists.

The only drawback is that we only have a premiere chapter of Dragon Ball Super per month, so the plot progresses slowly. At least the chapters are released simultaneously around the world. How? What did you not know?

Well yes, every month you can read the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super in the app Manga More, a totally legal and free space where you can read manga in Spanish and English. And right now a new installment of the Warriors Z!

It will be next July 20, that is, Tuesday of next week. In addition, we also have the time … at 17:00! So write it down on the calendar to enjoy the episode before anyone else.

For our part, we will return tomorrow, as usual, in a new delivery Z in Hobby Consoles. What surprise will we bring you tomorrow?Kai, Kai!