Dragon Ball Super – The series suffers a disastrous and ridiculous production management since its birth

Undoubtedly, the success of Dragon Ball Super throughout these years is something fully demonstrated. Numbers don’t lie, and thanks to this new brand, the most famous franchise in Akira Toriyama rises with the number 1 of Toei Animation fiscally year after year.

And this has a lot of merit, especially considering that we haven’t had new anime episodes of this new canonical era since March 2018. Almost 5 years without weekly episodes on the small screen of fujitv!

Despite this break of almost five years, Goku’s world does not stop turning thanks to the merchandising machinery, the successful theatrical releases, the unstoppable video games and the manga, which continues to release new adventures of Dragon Ball Superapart from the anime, thanks to Akira Toriyama and toyotaro. If you are a fan of this work, you have entertainment for a while!

However, it is not gold everything that shines. Dragon Ball Super is a clear example of this and not necessarily a “super” product, no matter how successful and money it generates. We are facing a series that has been dragging lights and shadows since the day he was born, a distant July 5, 2015.


This is the NEW Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Xbox Series X/S – Directo Z 03×21

A disaster that went viral

But what is the big problem of the series? The management of its production, a real chaos that has been with us since that summer of 2015. Honestly, it seems incredible to me that they have not yet learned from their mistakes and continue to raise Dragon Ball Superin the middle of 2023, in such a poor way.

To get to what we are going through today, let’s start at the beginning. Do you remember chapter 5 of Dragon Ball Super? It is one of the most famous in the series due to all the criticism it received in cyberspace for its unfortunate graphic level. Although Hobby Consolesin this 3-hour live show, we showed you a long time ago that he was very unfair to the chapter:


Dragon Ball Super episode 5. Was it really that bad? – Direct Z 01×35

What this harsh criticism of episode 5 achieved was to uncover the embarrassments of Toei Animationa company that could barely get the anime chapters out of Dragon Ball Super for poor management. They had some competent animators, some of them veterans, and a lot of money to tackle the series, but there was something they couldn’t buy: time to produce the episodes.

That was the key to the graphic failure of Dragon Ball Super, both at the level of drawing and animation, in most of its chapters. A series of 131 installments that could barely take flight from the last saga, that of the Tournament of Power, with some quality flashes in previous arcs. And to be honest, even in the final saga they left us nice things like these:

Two resounding successes for a deceptive success

How did they come up with the idea of ​​resurrecting, in such deplorable conditions, one of the most important anime franchises in history? This does not mean that Dragon Ball Super It is not a good anime, since I enjoyed it every week as a young child, but we also have to be aware of the shortcomings and serious problems that the work faced every opening Sunday.

And all this, due to a very hasty production, without reaction time for the animators, motivated by Previous movie hits: Battle of Gods Y Fukkatsu no F. The company of the cat had seen a vein with these premieres, and taking advantage of the inertia in television of Dragon Ball Kaiwhich was coming to an end in June 2015, they had to get Super under whatever conditions they were.

Dragon Ball Super - The series suffers a disastrous and ridiculous production management since its birth

Unfortunately, the fans not only had to eat some terrifyingly animated chapters, but they told us the same story twice. The first 2 Dragon Ball Super sagas showed us again the events of the movies mentioned above! A total of 27 episodes, aired over 5 months, in which the only novelties were pure filler scenes!

The patience of the fans of dragonballonce again put to the test. Thinking about it with some hindsight, one is surprised that this new series was so successful from its beginnings, with such a poor and repetitive approach, although it may be necessary to capture new audiences (and a child audience, the official target of this anime that led to insane censorship).

Consistency conspicuous by its absence

And what happened when the series began to take flight and gain more technical stability, back in March 2018? Well, Toei Animation removed it from the grid! Yeah, you’re not dreaming, when Dragon Ball Super It was beginning to really carburete, when Toei went back to the work flight in his studio, Goku’s weekly adventures came to an end. It’s hard to believe, but that’s how it is.

Again, a very poor decision at the management level, either taken by Toei Animation or the powerful Shueisha, which is the company that splits the real cod in dragonball, the company that dictates what can or cannot be done with Akira Toriyama’s series. Although well, not everything really ended…

Dragon Ball Super - The series suffers a disastrous and ridiculous production management since its birth

After the break in the weekly television series, which continues to accompany us today, the route to follow with Dragon Ball Super was the following: produce two more films and maintain the monthly publication of the manga, with new adventures never published on the small screen. This, which a priori should be great news for fans, also suffers from serious management errors.

On the one hand, the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, released in December 2018, is fully canon and takes place after the Tournament of Power, the last episodes of television. The problem? It wasn’t adapted into a manga format, just like the manga saga didn’t! Fukkatsu no F! Why cause confusion and frustration among readers by leaving out two major arcs of the series?

The total death of hype

In this way, after finishing the saga of the Tournament of Power in the manga scene, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro directly published the Moro and Granola sagas, unpublished content still on the small screen. Now yes, it seemed that they were telling us decent stories and with some planning, but the joy did not last very long…

Following the end of the Granola saga last summer, Toyotaro had to take a 3-month break to start publishing the new saga. The excited fans were looking forward to this new adventure, especially given a quarterly break. What they were planning must be something incredible, a before and after in the brand of Dragon Ball Super! But they have laughed at us.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - Alberto Rekuero composes BEAST, the first vocal theme of Akira Toriyama's film

In summer it was released Dragon Ball Super: Super Herothe new film in the franchise that would be framed behind the Granola saga and in which we witness the revival of Piccolo Y Gohan as great protagonists, as well as the expected new teenage look of Goten and Trunks. Well, do you know what saga they had been planning in the manga for 3 months?

A prequel to something we had already seen. The events leading up to a movie of which we already know all the ins and outs and outcome. Yes, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro are telling us in their new and highly anticipated saga what happened before Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This is the absolute definition of anti-hype.

Dragon Ball Super - This is how Toyotaro draws an unprecedented illustration of the new saga of the series live

Yes, the new chapters of the manga are very elaborate and we have protagonists who are neither Goku nor Vegeta. But don’t tell me a story whose outcome we all know! Do not give me characters imbued with mystery when we have known, for more than 6 months, everything that is going to happen to them! The management of the production of Dragon Ball Super is an insult to the fans.

Although well, we have been suffering from this anti-hype thing that I mentioned above since the very conception of the series. the plot of Dragon Ball Super falls within the 10 years that elapse between the defeat of majin buu and the 28th Martial Arts Tournament, that is, the end of the work of Akira Toriyama. Since July 5, 2015 we know how this story will end.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Master Goku and Uub

Therefore, the questions that fans are asking are the following: What will happen after volume 42 of Akira Toriyama, the last of the series? What will happen after episode 291 of Dragon Ball Zthe one in which Goku left with uub to train? That’s what fans want to unravel all at once in a canonical way! Good planning is urgently needed and they change the focus once and for all!

So, let’s hope that when the current Dragon Ball Super saga ends they will delight us with new adventures, but really new ones, and we can continue dreaming of Akira Toriyama’s characters without feeling that we are being fooled. And it is said by someone who loves and will continue to love this franchise until they bury him. ohKai, Kai!

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Dragon Ball Super – The series suffers a disastrous and ridiculous production management since its birth