Don’t miss a thing! All methods to record DTT

You can record DTT from the Smart TV if you have a smart TV, for example. Also using own decoders or operators or using programs or applications that allow us these tools.

Smart TV Recorder

Your own television has the option to register DTT programs in most cases, although the way to do it will depend on the brand and model, but practically everyone currently has the possibility of doing so.

We must follow a series of minimum requirements to be able to record DTT without any problem that will change according to the manufacturer or operating system. We simply must have a device where we store the content, such as a hard drive connected by USB. The conditions will vary from one brand to another, from one TV to another, but there are a number of aspects that you should take into account and that you should look at in the small print of your instructions if you want to save DTT programs from your Smart TV.

On Samsung

In the case of Samsung, we recommend “USB hard disk drive with speed of 5,400 rpm or higher to record ”. It is not compatible with USB cards or flash drives so make sure you have an empty hard drive to store the content as it will likely be formatted when you activate it. Also, you must have enough space for the entire recording or it will stop automatically.

Once the requirements have been met, to do so in Samsung we have two options: record the program you are watching or schedule the recording because you want to save something that will be broadcast when you are not at home. In both cases, we can do it from the “guide”.

Open the option “Guide”On the TV remote and you will see what is on each channel at that moment. In the programming, choose the channel you want and tap on the “Enter” button on the remote. Once here, choose the option “Engrave”That will appear in the drop-down menu.

We can also program instead of saving something that is being broadcast. Simply we must go to the canal that we want, advance with the arrows until we find the program or series that we want, advancing to the right or left. Once selected, the steps are identical and choose “Schedule recording” after pressing enter.

And LG

As we have explained, these are the steps to do it in Samsung but they are not the only ones. If you have a LG brand TV you can also do it with WebOS. You must meet some minimum requirements: have a USB hard drive connected that meets the requirements: maximum 2TB or with FAT32 or NTFS file system as format. And, in addition, it is advisable that you format the disk before.

Once you have the above, the steps are simple: tap on the central button of the controller, press OK and a red button will appear in the lower left corner. By clicking on it we will see the recording options. Confirm with “Record” once you have chosen the duration of the recording and the storage device to which it is sent.


At sony

At Sony you can also hMake it from the settings. Specifically, open “Settings” on the TV remote, go to “System settings” and here we will see the “Recording configuration” section. The first thing you will have to do if you have a Sony Smart TV is to register the disk drive so that it detects it. When you have it, you can use the button on the remote, the classic red Rec button to start.

You can also use the timer by following the same steps as in Samsung: open the programming guide, choose the program you want to record and click on it.



Decoders allow us many different options And they are an excellent option whether you use the operator or an independent one.


The operators’ decoders allow us a series of functions beyond having more channels or watching exclusive content on the Smart TV according to the contracted package. Although it depends on the device itself, practically all of them allow us a series of functions such as rewatching contents of the last seven days, rewind if we have arrived late to a program and want to see it in full, etc. And, of course, one of the best and most recommended ways to record DTT is to use this decoder that your operator includes in your television package.

It depends on the deco itself that the steps to record are one or the other but they will almost always be very similar. We must also take into account the expiration of these recorded programs or the maximum number of hours that we can store, for example. In addition, there are other common functions such as series recording that automatically and it will be in charge of storing all the episodes or programs without you being pending.

The steps are identical in the Movistar deco as in any television and you simply have to go to the guide and press the button with the red line of the command. Several available options will appear and you simply have to save. If you want to have full seasons you can do it by following the same steps. Movistar will ask you, if possible, if you want to record that or “all the programs in the series”. In that case, choose the option “Everyone”And it will automatically do it for you.


When you want to see the recordings, we only have to go to the corresponding section of the Movistar deco where we will see those of the last seven days, the finished ones or the programmed ones. From here we can eliminate the ones we want or manage the space.

In Orange the steps are similar. As they explain from their help website, “press the rec button on the decoder remote to record the channel you are watching “. If you want to record a future broadcast, you must go to the guide, look for the program you want and press “rec”. If you hold down, it will give you the option to save the entire season and the chapters will be grouped by folders from the “My recordings“That you will see in the” My Orange TV “section of the deco.

In Vodafone TV we can also record the contents although the steps of the deco that we have will depend on the specific model. You can do it from the programming guide by choosing a series or program. Then it will ask us, as in the previous cases, if we want to choose serial recording or other options. Confirm with OK and choose the configuration options.

Vodafone allows us to choose the number of episodes we want to record or if we only want new ones and not repetitions, for example. We can also choose until when a program is recorded or what time the recording ends.


Deco satellite and DTT

If you have a satellite decoder you can also use it to record. If you do not have a Smart TV or simply if you want to use this method, it is still as valid as in the case of operators. You only need the device you use to have dual tuner and it is not only capable of reproducing satellite but also DTT.

If you have one, look for the available options and you can save the content to watch it later without having to resort to other devices or paid applications.

Best IPTV set-top boxes

Specific applications

There are specific applications that allow us to record DTT if we have access to them. It is the case of FuboTV, for example, or from Movistar + Lite if we have it installed on the TV. As long as you meet certain conditions.

In Movistar

Movistar + Lite allows us save programs and series as long as you have a compatible device: from browsers, Android and iOS in recent versions, Samsung Smart TV in models after 2016 or an Android TV, for example.

The steps are simple and practically identical to the option in the deco: We go to “Television” at the top and from there we go to “TV Guide”. We look for the series that interests us and we record by touching the big “Record” button, as you can see in the photo.


You can also serially record all the episodes. To consult the content, we simply have to go to the application or the web and open Recordings / U7D.


And FuboTV

FuboTV is a platform that costs 3.99 euros per month and gives access to channels, on-demand series, programs and cartoons. Among the options, it allows you to record any live program with up to 30 hours of recording available Without the need for a hard drive or USB memory, it is stored on the platform until you decide to delete it or until you see it, for example. It allows you to record live programs or schedule recordings of episodes of a series that you are following.

To do so, we simply have to open the guide, find the program and tap on “record” in the thumbnail. We can also, as in the rest, do it serially by searching for the program, opening its file and tapping on “record series”. He will let us do it with all the episodes including reruns or just the new ones.


Video Capture

Another option is to use a HDMI video capture that are compatible with different devices such as computer, television or consoles. What this device does is that it will record everything that you are broadcasting or playing on the television and you can have the content on a hard drive or on a computer. They are usually an option for gaming but you can also use it to record DTT.

Just like you record gameplays on your computer, the video recorder can be useful if you are watching television online, for example, or you want to leave it on on your computer. You can stop broadcasting a series or program if you are not going to be and want to use a live television service that later “removeThat content. Also then do it if you use programs like VLC to see the content.