Do you hear Goosebumps? The Engaged Music Show That Will Excite You

The music is felt on the skin. Those chords that seem to caress you, the rhythm that activates your dermis, a voice that bristles your beauty … Listen to music it’s a good way to keep your skin alive and well. The skin reacts to music, it’s something physically demonstrated. To enjoy music unlimited on your skin – and at all levels – you have to take care of her, pamper her and protect her. So that you have all the information –and so that you continue enjoying the best music and your favorite artists– comes Goosebumps –Literal translation of “Gallina’s skin” -, an innovative format that seeks entertain and raise awareness.

Music with an important message for you

Goosebumps is a program of monthly periodicity in which the concepts of skin and music come together to to inspire and raise awareness. Skin care is basic to our health and this is how it will be transmitted to us by some of the best artists on the national scene, health professionals and patients, with their reflections and personal experiences. Here we will talk –with honesty, knowledge and a lot of tact– about the dangers of melanoma and its prevention.

Why melanoma? We talk about the type of skin cancer more aggressive. Its incidence has experienced an important upsurge in recent years, with 324,000 new cases per year in the world and more than 6000 only in Spain. It is generated from melanocitos, cells that contain a pigment called melanin, those responsible for the color of our skin. The statistics are devastating: it represents 4% of all malignant skin tumors, but it is the cause of 80 % of deaths. On Goosebumps the disease will be addressed openly and raising awareness from the most natural, inspiring and music lover.

A space brimming with talent

Sofi Suarez it is influence, feminist activist and photographer – don’t miss her Instagram-. It is also the soul of the project Isdermis –Which since 2017 shares stories inspired by the skin. A personal project that she has developed since she was 8 years old, when she began living with psoriasis – she is the host of Goosebumps.

A radio show that feels like skin on skin.

For the visual artist, skin is a universe unto itself that contains us and deserves our full attention: The skin has a lot memory, and that means we have to protect her always, regardless of the place or time of year. The body is a unique placeWe only have one, and we always inhabit it until we die. Everything we give stays and is saved. So, with the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, you have to be especially careful because it is literally the layer that protects us from everything.

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Do you hear Goosebumps? The Engaged Music Show That Will Excite You