Disney sets course for 2023 with premieres that will blow your mind: this is the D23 compilation you were looking for

These are good times for Disney on the ground of seventh Art and the TV. The North American company does not only live by animation and proof of this is the amount of premieres what have been announcedwe will show you the ones we consider most relevant, in the first day of D23the place where Disney flexes its muscle every year, and in the second day. If you want to know the first details of some of the upcoming movies and television series of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Warsamong others surprisesright now we summarize them for you.

What is to come in the Disney universe: these are the premieres that you have to write down on the calendar

Whether you are a fan of the Universe Marvelas if you enjoy the animation of Disney and Pixargoing through the space adventures of starwars, Disney has shown fans around the world the reason for its success. Few people will not be goosebumps when they discover the premieres that the North American company has recently shown. Get ready for a few months of new movies and series for children and adults.

Hocus Pocus 2

We won’t have to wait too long to fear the return of the witches Disney’s funniest. It will be the next day September 30th when the platform Disney+ introduce us Hocus Pocus 2 and offer us the fearsome revenge of harpies who have waited too long in the shadows.


In this new installment, 15 years later of the story narrated in Encantada, Giselle has gone from living in the big city to moving to the suburbs, in search of a more fairy tale life. However, it doesn’t seem like this is the life she was hoping for. Via magic helpGiselle will end up turning her community into her own fairy tale.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Few are the stories that have fascinated multiple generations of Disney fans, but the tale of the boy who didn’t want to grow up and the pirate who sought to destroy a country as enigmatic as it is far away seems to be returning to Disney+in 2023and will have Jude Law as Captain Hook as a great claim.

MUFASA: The Lion King

The Lion King will have a prequel with MUFASA

The Lion King will have a prequel with MUFASA. D23

Although not much has been said about Disney’s new African adventure, it seems that the story of MUFASA: The Lion King, which will be released in 2024will take us to meet the younger mufasawhile Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa They tell us their story in retrospect.

Snow White

Image of the protagonists of Snow White

Image of the protagonists of Snow White. D23

In another visit to the reality of a Disney classic, although it has already been shown on more than one occasion, we will once again learn the story of Snow Whitewhich will be played by Rachel Zeglerand whose antagonist will be the wonderful Gal Gadotin the role of the iconic stepmother.

The little Mermaid

After the controversy generated by the casting of Halle Bailey like a mermaid different from the one that the children of the end of the 20th century knew, we already have in our hands the first trailer from the live-action movie, with one of the iconic songs of the film, which will make your hair stand on end. Their premiere will be, in principle, May 2023.


Elemental is one of Pixar's upcoming projects.

Elemental is one of Pixar’s upcoming projects. D23

pixar wants to surprise locals and strangers with a new project, where the viewer will move to a city populated by four elements primordial: fire, water, earth and air. will be the next June 16, 2023 when we can find out what this new fantastic adventure from the Pixar factory has in store for us.

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 Promotional Poster

Promotional poster for Inside Out 2. D23

The summer 2024 it will be the moment in which Pixar releases the sequel to the successful Inside Out, where we will once again get into the head of Rileynow a teenager, to re-know what feelings begin to develop in this new stage.

The Mandalorian – Season 3

After a tremendous season finale, one of the most iconic Disney+ series returns to the small screen to fall in love again with the lovable grog and so that the Mandalorian continue your way through the galaxies in search of the most dangerous outlaws. It will be early 2023 when we resume their adventures.


One of the most magical movies of the 80s, starring the unexpected hero Willowwill return to life in the form of a television series on Disney + this year, specifically on the day November 30. prepare to live magical adventuresmeet mystical creatures and face the evil forces in the only way possible, with the help of Willow’s heart and humor.

The curse of the werewolf

This is one of the halloween specials this year and is directed by one of the most prolific composers of the last decade, Michael Giacchino. In this case, as you can see in the trailer, viewers of Disney+ will have the opportunity to spend terror in their homes with one of the most classic monsters of the seventh art, with the leading role of Gael Garcia Bernal Y Laura Donnellyfrom October 7.

Secret Invasion

One of the most anticipated Marvel seriesfor what it may mean for the current Marvel Universe, will show us one of the most dangerous races in the universe, those called Skrullswho carry infiltrated years on Earth and will begin to unfold their potential for annihilation of the human race, unless the heroes of the planet take matters into their own hands. A story with hints of spy novel waiting for you in 2023.


The Thunderbolts are coming to the Marvel Universe soon

The Thunderbolts are coming to the Marvel Universe soon. D23

A group of superheroes of the most special will hit the screens on the day July 26, 2024 and will have as its highest representatives actors of the stature of Olga Kurylenko, Florence Pugh, David Harbor either sebastian stan. We are looking forward to seeing the trailer to learn a little more about the story that awaits us.

indiana jones 5

Indiana Jones 5 wants to put the finishing touch to one of the best adventure sagas in history

Indiana Jones 5 wants to put the finishing touch to one of the best adventure sagas in history. D23

Harrison Ford says goodbye to one of his most important characters and could be leaving his legacy to the fantastic Phoebe Waller Bridge in what will be the last adventure of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones. It will be the day June 30, 2023 when we have the opportunity to know how the history of the franchise ends.

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Disney sets course for 2023 with premieres that will blow your mind: this is the D23 compilation you were looking for