Disney+ premieres in November 2022: 18 original series, movies and documentaries

From the authentic adventure of two volcanologists in love to a classic from the eighties that returns with an epic brimming with nostalgia. The month of November on Disney+ is peppered with humor, passion, and plenty of strong emotions. These are some of the best releases that the platform has in store for us in the coming weeks.

premiere series


Seth Rogen, producer of series like ‘TheBoys‘, ‘Invincible‘ or ‘Preacher’ brings us this comedy with elements of science fiction, which comes with all the constants of his cinema: semi-improvised rhythm and irreverent humor. Here he tells the story of an expert in a war video game who is visited by a couple of soldiers from the future who need his help to save the world. We get its three full seasons.

  • Premiere on November 2


The new sequel series to ‘Willow,’ the dark-yet-familiar 80s fantasy classic looks like it’s going to pull nostalgia galore. We hope that it also has its good dose of genuine adventure with a life of its own (the return of Warwick Davis is always a plus) and that, above all, it serves as a prelude to the authentic come back what the Lucas factory owes us: the feathery cosmic horror of ‘Howard the Duck’

  • Premiere on November 30

All the series of November

  • ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ S19 (02/11)
  • ‘Station 19’ S6 (02/11)
  • ‘Reboot: The reunion’ (02/11)
  • ‘Future Man’ (11/02)
  • ‘The Montaners’ (09/11)
  • ‘Zootopia+’ (09/11)
  • ‘Tell Me Lies’ (11/16)
  • ‘Hip-Hop Nutcracker’ (11/25)
  • ‘The Patient’ (11/30)
  • Willow (11/30)


  • ”Disenchanted: Giselle returns’ (11/16)
  • ‘What a Claus family!’ (11/16)

premiere documentaries

Fire of Love

Recently seen in theaters, this gripping documentary recounts a unique love story between two French volcanologists who shared a passion for lava and for each other. They traveled the planet talking about their object of study and carrying out dangerous natural raids, and became star scientists, although tragedy was yet to come. A documentary full of emotion and literally on fire.

  • Premiere on November 11

All the documentaries of November

  • ‘David Beckham: To the rescue of the team’ (09/11)
  • ‘Fire of Love’ (11/11)
  • ‘No limits with Chris Hemsworth’ (11/16)
  • ‘Mickey: The story of a mouse’ (11/18)
  • ‘Elton John live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium’ (11/21)
  • ‘Legacy: The true story of the LA Lakers’ (11/23)

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Disney+ premieres in November 2022: 18 original series, movies and documentaries