Disney + premieres in January 2022: 46 series, films and documentaries such as ‘Eternals’ or ‘Marvel’s Hit Monkey’

There is little left for 2021 to come to an end and streaming platforms have decided that it is time to announce what’s new for january 2022. Today is the turn of Disney+, which next month will add 46 films, series and documentaries to its catalog.


‘Antlers: Dark Creature’

An unusual horror film that explores the mistreatment and abuse of children through the figure of the Wendigo, being the first major studio production to address this striking creature. It has a quite successful atmosphere but it doesn’t quite hit the mark with what it presents.

January 5

Criticism in Espinof


Probably marvel movie which has created the most division to date. It is quite noticeable that behind her is the Oscar winner Chloe Zhao, but the mix between his style and the MCU’s cinema does not end, giving rise to a work in which the emotional has a lot of weight but that rarely really excites the viewer.

January 12

Criticism in Espinof

Series and specials

‘Marvel’s Hit Monkey’

Its premiere was scheduled for earlier, but it will finally be in January when we see the adventures of this Marvel monkey who has the help of the ghost of an assassin from the United States to get the necessary training before taking a trip through the underworld of Tokyo .

January 26

  • ‘Big Sky’ Season 2: January 5
  • ‘What we do in the shadows’ (T1, T2): January 5
  • ‘Men on a mission’: 5 enero
  • ‘Elena de Ávalor’ Season 3: January 5
  • ‘The Lion Guard’ Season 3: January 5
  • ‘Handy Manny’ (T1 – T3): 5 enero
  • ‘Brave: The Braves One’: 7
  • ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’: January 12
  • ‘Under suspicion’ (Season 1 and 2): January 12
  • ‘The golden girls’ (Seasons 1-7): January 12
  • ‘World Biggest Festival: Kumbh Mela’: 14 enero
  • ‘Queens’: January 19
  • ‘Black-ish’ Season 7: January 19
  • ‘Jeff Goldblum’ Season 2: January 19
  • ‘A man of honor’: January 19
  • ‘Liquid Bomb Plot. Nat Geo’: 21 enero
  • ‘Insanity’: 26 enero
  • ‘Raven’s Home’ Season 3: January 26
  • ‘Grown-ish’ Season 4: January 26
  • ‘No man left behind’: January 26


  • ‘India from abobe’ Season 1: January 5
  • ‘Looked Up Abroad’ Temporada 5: 12 enero
  • ‘The Real Queens of Hip-Hop: The women who changed the game: 14 enero
  • ‘Incredible Small World’: 19 enero
  • ‘Lawless Oceans’ Season 1: January 19
  • ‘Gordon Ramnsey Uncharted’ Season 2: January 26
  • ‘WW2 Hell Under The Sea’ (Seasons 1, 2 and 3): January 26
  • ‘WW2 Greatest Raid’ Temporada 1: 26 enero
  • ‘The First Wave’: 29 enero

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Disney + premieres in January 2022: 46 series, films and documentaries such as ‘Eternals’ or ‘Marvel’s Hit Monkey’