Diego Delgrossi’s joke about teachers opened political controversy

Diego Delgrossi is usually very active on social media in his dual role as humorist and history teacher. This time, he shared a series of irony-laden tweets about flexibility in teacher evaluation, which sparked controversy among his followers.

“New teaching judgments enabled: 1. Does not read anything all year: Promoted by alternative communication skills. 2. I never study: Promoted by constancy in attitude. 3. I spend smoking joint in the corner during class time: Promoted for his theoretical and practical study on drug addiction. 4. I spend the whole year with the cell phone: Promoted by mastery in new technologies!”, were Delgrossi’s humorous comments.

At a time when an educational reform that would eliminate grades, among other changes in the way students are evaluated, is being discussed, many interpreted Delgrossi’s jokes as an attack on education authorities. Others understood that she was referring to the teaching community.

In a subsequent message, Delgrossi clarified that this was just humor. “To all my dear Compatriots of all Parties and tendencies (Critics and detractors, colleagues and coincidences) I have published (and will continue) jokes or jokes of all kinds (my own and others’) whoever governs. Relax and enjoy Sunday. I love you!” he wrote.

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Diego Delgrossi’s joke about teachers opened political controversy