Did The Simpsons predict the disappearance of the Titan submarine? This is the episode that became a trend in networks

If you are an active user on social networks, you are well aware of the rumor that The Simpsons can predict the future. The series, created by Matt Groening, has been on television for almost four decades and there are many who affirm that the Springfield family show has predicted different events such as the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States until the arrival of the pandemic.

Having said all this, a few hours ago a chapter that supposedly predicted the accident of the submarine that traveled to see the remains of the Titanic at the bottom of the sea.

In episode 10 of season 17, originally released in 2006, Homer Simpson sets out on an expedition to the bottom of the sea accompanied by his long-lost father, Mason Fairbanks, who suggests that there are treasures in the depths; however, he warns her about the dangers of carrying out this type of activity.

Thus, Homer and Mason begin their adventure and reach the bottom in two submersibles, but when the first of them calls his friends Carl and Lenny, their ship ends up stuck in a coral reef while the oxygen level of the submarine is depleting.

Days later, the protagonist wakes up after having been in a coma for three days in a hospital, which served for fans of the series to ensure that The Simpsons predicted, again, a real-life historical event.

The episode writer’s reaction

Before all the commotion generated by the animated series, Mike Reisswriter and producer who participated in the creation of the episode in question, gave his opinion on it.

In fact, the artist descended more than 3 thousand meters underwater in “Titan”, the same submersible that disappeared in the Atlantic when it was going to explore the wreckage of the Titanicreported the .

Reiss says that, to make the chapter, the creative team was inspired by “Crimson Tide”, a 1995 film that tells a story of tension aboard a nuclear submarine.

“We did that episode because the movie ‘Crimson Tide’ had just come out”said the screenwriter about the film starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. “We didn’t predict the future, we just did it from that movie and 20 years later, something like this happened”.

When talking about his experience on “Titan”, Reiss recalled that, despite everything said on the subject, he fell asleep during the journey.

“People talk about excitement, emotions and ‘Were you scared?’”the writer continued. “And it’s like, ‘I feel asleep’”.

The screenwriter, who signed a document to waive a possible complaint for his deathknew the risks of descending to the bottom of the ocean and even took a piece of paper to write his last jokes before something went terribly wrong.

“He knew that this was very dangerous”recalled Denise, his wife. “Even in the most extreme situations, he has a joke”.

“Death is always lurking, it is always in the back of your mind”Reiss added about the experience. “Before I even get on the ship, there’s a long, long disclaimer that mentions death three times on the first page.”.

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When did The Simpsons come out?

The Simpsons, Matt Groening’s series, began airing in 1989 and became a milestone on the small screen with 34 seasons that survived it.

When will The Simpsons end?

It was said that the end of The Simpsons will be in its 34th season, which is scheduled for this 2023. The renowned animation would close with a total of 757 televised episodes.

Will The Simpsons end in 2023?

The Simpsons was originally scheduled to end in 2023, but the long-running animation has already been renewed through 2025, according to producing star and voice of Apu, Hank Azari.

Why are The Simpsons yellow?

In an interview with the BBC in 2007, its creator Matt Groening explained the real reason why the characters in the series are yellow. “They are yellow because when we had to choose the color we didn’t want them to be conventional like other drawings,” su Groening explains.

Why do the Simpsons have 4 fingers?

“It was easier to draw four than five,” argued the director, who wanted to make production work easier, and that is why the developers focused on making this family simple to streamline animations.

How old are The Simpsons?

Since The Simpsons started running in December 1989, the family has always been the same age: Homer and Marge are 36, Bart Simpson 10, Lisa 8, and Maggie between 1 and 2. Keep in mind that the ages of some of they have danced through the years to adjust to some events.

Why did the voices of The Simpsons change?

The Simpsons changed their voices due to a conflict between the company Grabaciones y Doblajes Internacionales (belonging to Messrs. Millet and Bilbatúa) and the Mexican union ANDA

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Did The Simpsons predict the disappearance of the Titan submarine? This is the episode that became a trend in networks