Did Jessica Cediel abuse her cat?

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dance in underwear hugging her cat has not been the most praised idea of Jessica Cediel. Like never before, the former reporter for Exatlón Estados Unidos, who stands out for having a faithful and devoted audience on Instagram -which exceeds 8 million- received numerous negative comments after publishing the recording.

“Today @jupitercediel didn’t want to dance! But this is what we achieved! Ajjajaja I love him! Happy day my people! Good vibes and gallop”, he wrote after uploading the video where he walks around with his cat, wearing only black underwear.

The reaction of her followers was not the best, and although some praised her beauty and sensuality, many focused on criticizing her and questioned her actions towards the little animal.

“What they have to do to attract attention… At least the poor cat gets a good grip”, “What a horrible dance”, “Yes they are hanging me, I don’t dance either… Hahahahahahahahaha”, “Watch out! Well, with the Cat, because he is moving his butt, he doesn’t even notice how he swings it from side to side”, “That woman is not right in the head”, “Animal abuse”, “Don’t carry the kitten like that, with its dangling feet”, “What a sin with that poor cat”, and “lately girl… get married, let’s see if you stop the fever. Poor little animal ”, were some of the comments left to him.

This did not seem to matter to him or he simply did not realize the bad feeling that his video caused in some of his followers. This, because he later published several photos with his cat, highlighting that he did not use filters or makeup to pose in the photographs.

“We took some photos with my baby @jupitercediel! No makeup, no filter and yes… almost no clothes! Lots of love! I liked the second photo better! And which one do you like more… 1 or 2?” he wrote, calling on his audience to vote for the most flattering photo.

Unfortunately, on this occasion there were also negative comments from some, who in addition to questioning the well-being of the feline, made him see that it seemed that he had not showered before posing.

“Parce, you forgot to say and without taking a bath”, “Go take a bath so that the temperature goes away” and “Jessica, you are peeling…. You should do it and now ”, they wrote to him in relation to the few clothes he wore to entertain his followers.

So far, Cediel has not referred to comments indicating that he would have mistreated the animal. Do you think the Colombian model he abused his cat?

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Did Jessica Cediel abuse her cat?