‘Dexter’ returns to mend the past with a new story

Dexter returns and nothing could have surprised fans more. After a final chapter that left fans of the show confused and enraged, the second chance surprised by unexpected. Is it a piss of the producers? A new opportunity to better develop the farewell of the iconic character?

Dexter was one of the first series to analyze the evil of its main character from a contemporary perspective. He was a serial killer, but he was also a classic anti-hero. A fine line that the argument held with difficulty and balance until the last season.

The general discontent with the ending left the audience puzzled. Had the program changed course? What had happened to the tough moral and intellectual discussions that had arisen? The discussion became one of the classics of the world of television, along with the controversial ending of Lost.

For this reason, the announcement that Michael C Hall would again play Dexter Morgan on October 14, 2020 was surprising. And not in a good way. Was it a ninth season? A late attempt to vindicate the series? We leave you what we know to date about the return, its possibilities and what is the purpose of a project that has puzzled fans.

Why is ‘Dexter’ coming back?

Dexter Morgan – Showtime

Apparently Gary Levine, Showtime’s co-president of entertainment, showrunner Clyde Phillips and Michael C Hall found something new to say. About the character? His story? The future of your approach? It is not entirely clear. For now, Levine only specified that this is some kind of confluence that celebrates the “essence” of the show.