‘Destination: The Winx Saga’: release date, the Kingdom of Darkness, new characters and everything we know about season 3

The fantasy series has just released its second season on Netflix and has left the door open for a promising future. What to expect after the shocking ending?

Just released on Netflix, the second season of Destiny: The Winx Saga It didn’t take long to quickly take first place in the most popular streaming platform of the great N. The end of the first installment of the fiction, an adaptation of the Italian animated series Winx Club, had been fired in cliffhanger, so It was clear that the viewers would take the new episodes with enthusiasm and that has turned out to be.

Finding out how things had changed in Alfea now with Rosalind in power, finding out what fate would have in store for Andreas and if Farah was really dead, or finding out what else Bloom’s (Abigail Cowen) powerful past hides was the main agenda of the children. viewers, who in this new stage have been able to enjoy one more episode -seven chapters instead of six-, the long-awaited introduction of Flora (Paulina Chavez) and some dynamics between characters in which the temperature has been rising. Also with a powerful and dangerous new threat that has put their lives in danger.

After the seventh episode of season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga the sights of the fans are already set on the future. What do we know about season 3 of the Netflix original series?

Has ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ been renewed for a third season?

season 3 of Destiny: The Winx Saga It is not an official reality on Netflix, but the streaming platform could announce its decision on the future of fantasy fiction next month, after meeting the usual four-week deadline that allows it to analyze how a certain title has performed. and check if it has met expectations.

If the second installment in the series does, we can count on a season 3 almost for sure, since the team is already planning how to continue the series.

When will season 3 of ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ premiere?

Until there is official confirmation about the future of the series, it is too early to talk about possible dates for its premiere. However, if we look at previous examples, we will see that the first season arrived in January 2021 and that the second season has not been released until more than a year and a half later, in September 2022. Thus, It is not crazy to assume that, if there is a third season, it could arrive at the end of 2023 or even as early as 2024. Depends on how long it takes to put into production.

What will season 3 of ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ be about?

The creator of the series Brian Young is clear, of course, that there is season 3. This is how the shocking outcome of the second installment that has just arrived on Netflix shouts from the rooftops, but also himself, who he recognized in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly had already set a first objective for season 3 if he finally renewed on the streaming platform: Answer the question “What is the Realm of Darkness?”.

The goal is to answer: what is the Realm of Darkness? What connection do Bloom and his mother have with it? And also how it connects to our big overall mythology, which we’ve started to dust down a little bit in Season 2.

Thus, it is possible that Destiny: The Winx Saga also pay more attention to the dynamic between Bloom and her mother, whom she meets in the Realm of Darkness in the season finale. In fact, although she couldn’t reveal anything at the time, Abigail Cowen had already assured Cosmopolitan UK that learning more about her true origins is what she most wanted to see exploring her character if there was season 3: “I would like to meet Bloom’s biological parents. Finally meeting her biological parents! That would be really cool. I would like to to see her become her full self and begin to use these powers for good. And be the best fire fairy there is.”

Besides Bloom’s origins, what her true identity means, and how their relationships continue with her loved ones -and especially with Sky- after having closed the Realm of Darkness from the other side or how they manage to bring her back, season 3 of Fate The Winx Saga has left a lot of continuity potential in the rest of the characters: Musa and Riven, Flora, Aisha and Grey’s relationship, and of course Stella’s discovery of Beatrix’s sisters.

Who is coming back and who isn’t in Season 3 of Destiny: The Winx Saga?

At the moment, it seems that we can count on the most important leading cast again: Abigail Cowen (Bloom), Hannah van der Westhuysen (Stella), Precious Mustapha (Aisha), Elliot Salt (Terra), Elisha Applebaum (Musa), Paulina Chavez (Flora), Robert James-Collier (Saul Silva), Danny Griffin (Sky), Freddie Thorp (Riven), and Leah Minto (Kat).

‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’: Why is Rosalind played by another actress in season 2?

However, the most notable in this regard promises to come in the form of new signings that will be announced much later, but that seem to include a new director for Alfea after the death of the two previous directors. Also, the Realm of Darkness could be a veritable mine of new faces, starting with Bloom’s own mother.

We’ll have more details when season 3 of Destiny: The Winx Saga be made official.

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‘Destination: The Winx Saga’: release date, the Kingdom of Darkness, new characters and everything we know about season 3