Deepfake: How does the AI ​​that made the return of El Chavo del 8 to television work?

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The surprising return of The Chavo of 8 in a television spot Latin Dish, Thanks to an innovative technology called ‘Deepfake’filled viewers with nostalgia who had long been without the broadcasts of one of the most successful and long-lived series on Mexican television.

It is a TV commercial in which the actor and comedian participates, Eugenio Derbezwho interacts with Chavo del 8, after he manages to leave the screen to sit in the room to talk about how things have changed thanks to technology.

The Dish Latino platform, which has channels in English and Spanish, launched this commercial and revealed that precisely Derbez’s new project that has been talked about so much has to do with the return of this iconic character.

What is Deepkake?

Previously, we Mexicans had already been surprised to see the return of Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’ in a commercial for Soriana, in the same way that now it is possible for viewers to once again enjoy the performance of Roberto Gomez Bolanoswho passed away in 2014, thanks to the ‘Deepfake’.

It is a technique that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to place someone’s face on top of another person’s. This means that it is a technology capable of generating a human face from scratch.

In this way, it can seem to you that the face you are seeing on the screen is real; however, it is a face that is not true and has been superimposed.

How did Chavo del 8 return to TV?

Although it seems to you that this technique is totally new, the truth is that you have already seen it in action in movies like Rogue One, where you saw Carrie Fisher herself appear on the screen, who died just before the filming ended.

The body you see on the screen has the face of El Chavo del 8, but not his body. It is surprising, but the figure you see on the screen belongs to the actor, Juan Frese, from whom some facial features were also taken.

According to Dish Latino, to bring Chavito up to date, it was necessary to collect up to 15 hours of video from different angles of the face of Roberto Gómez Bolaños characterized as the beloved orphan boy who lives in the neighborhood, owned by Don Barriga. Also, almost a thousand hours of editing were needed.

Here we leave you the video so that you can judge for yourself if artificial intelligence managed to perfectly recreate Chavito or if it sparked and you think it looks fake.

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Deepfake: How does the AI ​​that made the return of El Chavo del 8 to television work?