De Gea’s talismans! Edurne takes Yanay to the stadium for the first time to see her dad play

Several weeks have passed since the start of the Premier League season, but it was this Saturday when David De Gea He has lived one of those games that will be forever saved in his memory and in his heart. The Manchester United goalkeeper played for the first time with a very special fan in the stands: his daughter. With only six monthsLittle Yanay has already proven to be a true fan of the “red devils”, for whom she has been a talisman as the team has beaten Newcastle by 4 goals to 1. “First time seeing daddy !!”, he said Edurne next to a photo in which the two appear in the box at the Old Trafford stadium without losing sight of what is happening on the pitch.


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In this unforgettable sporting event for the family formed by Edurne and De Gea, His daughter has worn the team’s jersey with her name screen-printed on the back and the number 1, the same one that her father wears under the goal. In addition, she has completed her styling with black pants and a red bow in the shape of a headband. Yanay, whom her mother observed in every gesture with great pride, did not stop looking at everything that was happening around her. With only half a year he kept looking at the grass, where the game was taking place, but also at the details of this football stadium that stands out for being the largest in the whole of the United Kingdom.


Seeing his two unconditional followers sending him all their energy and applauding the triumphs of his team, in which this weekend Cristiano Ronaldo has made his debut, De Gea reacted with a heart emoticon. In addition, this beautiful moment has also conquered many family, friends and followers. “When do you come in to play?” Adriana Abenia wrote with a great sense of humor, while other well-known faces such as Carme Chaparro, Marta Fernández Farrés, Patricia Conde or the stylist Mayte Méndez de Vigo have reacted with great affection when seeing Yanay for first time watching a match live from the stadium itself.


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The adorable images of Edurne’s little girl turned into a superhero when she turned 6 months

A week of emotions

These last days have been, without a doubt, very intense and exciting for De Gea García. Just a week ago, her daughter was six months old and she celebrated it dressed as a superheroine and laughing non-stop, thus demonstrating how happy and friendly she is. Additionally, the singer has reappeared on television after becoming a mom last March. The interpreter of songs like Sleeping loves, Dawn O Too late has once again set foot on a set for the premiere of the seventh edition of Got Talent España, Telecinco contest in which he acts as a jury with Risto Mejide and Dani Martínez. In this new routine, the one who was a contestant on the fourth edition of Triumph operation (the same as Soraya Arnelas) claimed to be “happy with life” with her baby. Upon returning, he showed that he is very much aware of his little girl by betting on some original earrings in which the name of Yanay could be read, for which he has composed a song called so that he premiered on the girl’s first birthday.


Edurne, who will be 36 years old in December, has not only made a song for her baby girl (that’s what she affectionately calls her) but also a song called Maybe for her partner. In the lyrics he talks about his love story, which began more than a decade ago after coinciding in the recording of a solidarity carol. Since then they have overcome obstacles such as distance and have shown that love is above all. Having started a family together is, without a doubt, the most important step they have taken, but they do not rule out officially becoming husband and wife despite being an idea that they are not considering for now. “At the moment it is not in mind. Everything will be seen, but with the one who is falling here right now to think about a wedding. If I have a lot of friends who have had to postpone their wedding after having everything organized, wait first. and then it will be seen “, she counted in HELLO! before welcoming your little one.

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