Dave Filoni will have more weight in Star Wars: promoted to executive creative director of Lucasfilm

Dave Filoni has been promoted within Lucasfilm to the position of Executive Creative Director, which means that he will have more weight when it comes to making relevant decisions, even in productions where he is not executive producer.

During the last years a small “power struggle” has been waged in the bowels of Lucasfilm. Since the company was sold to Disney for George Lucas, two branches have been forked that see the Star Wars franchise in a very different way. One of them is headed by Dave filoni, who was chosen by George Lucas to create Lucasfilm Animation and boost the franchise through The Clone Wars.

For a long time, fans have stated that Filoni, and not Kathleen kennedy, should be the president of Lucasfilm, but today that is not going to happen. Although we can see that Filoni is gaining weight in the company again.

As we can see in the Lucasfilm websiteIn addition to the executive producer position he already held, Dave Filoni is now also executive creative director, a position that implies greater responsibility, and greater decisions, within the production company.

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Filoni won’t be the only executive creative director within Lucasfilm, but it does imply his ability to continue to align future Star Wars productions such as The Boba Fett Book, The bad consignment or the next seasons of The Mandalorian it will be much greater. In a way, it is almost preferable for Dave Filoni to hold creative positions within Lucasfilm, rather than a position that consumes his time and energy in more managerial meetings, such as Kathleen Kennedy’s President position.

What do you think of Dave Filoni’s new position within Lucasfilm?