Daughter of HOY producer celebrates pride in photos with her girlfriend

The daughter of Andrea Rodriguez, producer of the morning show Televisa, surprised young and old by appearing from his profile to publish a photograph with his girlfriend, caused a total fuss on Instagram.

We know well that this past June 26, more than 3,000 people gathered at the Angel of Independence towards the Plinth from CDMX to commemorate the 43rd edition of the March LGBTTTI Pride + despite the global health contingency.

As in most of the states in the Mexican Republic, marches Y events To commemorate the celebration, in the same way, other groups met virtually to commemorate this day and who used their social networks to give a message of love and inclusion, was Pau gonzalez, daughter of Andrea Rodríguez, producer of program ‘Today’.

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Who through your account Instagram, Pau shared some photographs with his girlfriend Pam Rosendo and wrote, “ This June 26, the only thing I have to tell you is that the closet is for clothes and that they remember that ‘our love’ does not hurt ANYONE and their hatred Yes. I love you Pam Rosendo, thank you for being with me on this adventure. ”

This beautiful message ended up captivating the audience completely, from his close social circle and even his mother’s co-worker, they have left their beautiful comments supporting the girl’s sedition.

Immediately Andrea Escalona placeholder image She was one of the first to express her support with hearts and also dedicated a powerful message to him through her Instagram stories where she wrote, “ I am so proud of you for being who you are, fighting for what you want, you are my pride Pau ”, along with a photo with his aunt, Pau and his girlfriend.

Likewise, Pam Rosendo also shared a photograph with Pau and in the publication wrote, “ Today I want to tell you not to forget that you have every right to love and be with whoever you want. Labels are not necessary as long as they are happy. P.S. Chingu * na su m * dre homophobic and transphobic. ”

Additionally, the couple has an account on Instagram where they share details of their relationship and there they also published another photograph of the same photoshoot where they shared the following message, “ Love is too big to fit inside a closet ” .

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There is no doubt that this pair of young women put aside all prejudices before society and the love they have for each other is perfectly noticeable, thus demonstrating that there is no explanation for the great love they feel for each other, and with his partner account leaves thousands of users speechless who do nothing but discredit the inclusion movement.

Surely in the future we will be able to see them sharing all kinds of publications of their romance, which has captivated the audience on social networks who also show their support whenever they can.

In addition, the television station has always provided full support for the community and inclusion about the tastes of each of its collaborators, proving to be a company that fully supports these decisions.