Danilo Carrera returns to being single and asks for prayers that his mother heal

Danilo Carrera returns to being single and asks for prayers that his mother heal. From abroad and after leaving behind his successful acting career on Televisa, the actor from “El amor invencible” and “Hijas de la luna”, confirms that his sentimental relationship with a foreign royal woman has come to an end .

And it is that a few days have passed since Danilo Carrera finished his scenes in “invincible love” and left for the United States to be at the side of his motherwho is in cancer treatment. Since before concluding the telenovela, the actor who gives life to “David AlejoHe confirmed that it would be his last project, since his family needed him to be with them due to a delicate situation.

The actor complied with his commitment completely, but when he finished in a matter of hours he took the plane and began a new chapter in his life that marked a radical change for putting a indefinite hiatus to his acting career. Later the actor was seen walking with his mother who showed that he was indeed undergoing cancer treatment but happy to be with his beloved son.

Now in a new interview with People en EspañolDanilo Carrera shared more details of his mother’s treatment and his sentimental state, since the actor of “The double life of Estela Carrillo”He was asked when he would be seen with his girlfriend and declared that it could not be, since the relationship had come to an end.

“I can confirm that I am single. I lived a very beautiful process, a very beautiful story, but, as everyone knows, right now there are different priorities in my life… My life has changed, totally, radically, and I am focused on this new phase in which my priority is my family. So if the question is whether I’m going to introduce them to you, no, because I’m single. But, surely, someone will arrive soon who can put a smile on my face, but for now the most important thing is to complete this new stage of my life, in which I am giving all the time I have to my family”, expressed Danilo Carrera.

Previously Danilo Carrera he had confirmed a relationship with a foreign royal woman but never showed his face publicly.

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Regarding his professional life, Danilo highlighted that although Televisa would always be his home and he had several friends in the company, his exclusive contract had ended because of the personal situation he is going through, but he made it clear that there was always the possibility of returning.

Carrera added that it was possible to carry out some projects with Univisión, although he would love to go back to mexico once her mother recovers.

Danilo Carrera asks for prayers for his mother

Although Danilo Carrera remains close to his family in these difficult times, he took advantage of the interview to ask for prayers for his mother and its recovery.

“The treatment is strong, complicated, very long. There is still a long time left in the process. I ask everyone to pray for my mother and my family, but at the end of the day, I know that together we will be able to defeat this disease that, although it is complicated, I believe that everything is possible with the family.”

Danilo Carrera returns to being single and asks for prayers that his mother heal. Instagram Special

Danilo Carrera next to his parents.

Danilo Carrera revealed that now his day consisted of getting up and being with his mother, cooking, doing whatever she needed and above all talking a lot like he hadn’t done since he was a child, so for him it was an incredible experience that he was grateful to life as a man who took care of her and helped her get ahead.

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Danilo Carrera returns to being single and asks for prayers that his mother heal