Daniela Rodríguez, contestant of “Falling in love”, dies: How did she die?

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Daniela Rodríguez, contestant of “Falling in love”, dies: How did she die?

Daniela Rodríguez, contestant on the television program “Enamorándonos”, who married Darwin Cipion just four months ago, in what seemed like a fairy tale, died, as revealed this Thursday by different social networks and media such as People in spanish.

The young woman, who participated in the first season of the UniMás program, where she met who would be her husband, had stolen heart from viewers and the production, who remembered how their romance was a matter of love at first sight.

“On behalf of the entire Enamorándonos USA team, we deeply regret the passing of Daniela Rodríguez. We wish that your soul can rest in peace. We will always remember her as a happy woman, who believed in love at first sight and was the first to form a relationship with her husband, @flaccocipion, “added the program on his instagram. “We will always remember you, with much affection.” RIP”.

Likewise, Rafael Araneda, who presented the television program with Ana Patricia Gámez, where he met Daniela, regretted the sudden death of the girl and dedicated an emotional message on his social networks.

“Today I woke up to the sad news that Daniela Rodríguez had died suddenly. I continue to be shocked and very distressed for her husband Darwin Cipion, and for all the loved ones of this beautiful couple. Both showed us from chapter 1 of Falling in love, that love at first sight does exist and that geographical distances would not be an impediment to strengthen their relationship and form a family, “said the television presenter on his Instagram, where he shared a photo Daniela and her husband in wedding suits.

“Yesterday they were married for 4 months and this photograph is from April 26, when we celebrated their wedding in the studio. What a great fragility … what a deepest sadness. My condolences and my prayers for all those who suffer the unexpected departure of Daniela, and especially for the love of her life… Darwin ”, added Araneda.

Daniela published a photo without her hair on July 30

Last July, Daniela posted a photo on their networks where he appears without his hair and made it clear that “I am not going through any disease.” “Every change in life is difficult but when you know that it is for your good it is an opportunity to improve, I feel renewed I leave behind a very difficult past, I LOVE the woman I see in the mirror now, more self-confident, I am extremely grateful to God, @flaccocipion, my mother, family, friends and all of you for the immense support, remember that we are not what we have but the scenery that we carry inside, “he wrote in the caption.

While in the comments one of her followers talks about the supposed reason why Daniela did not have her long hair: “She was losing too much hair from dyeing so much for years, she was hurt by using too much dryer and hair straightening brush. Then I shave it so that the new hair is born.

MY NEW REALITY😯Every change in life is difficult and everyone handles it in a way that hurts, I thank God that I have the best mom and husband in the world that in reality without their support this would not have happened, THANK YOU FOR THE UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT, my Mom always taught me no …2021-07-29T00:11:07Z

In the video, Daniela talks about the procedure that she has been in since July.

How did Daniela Rodríguez die?

On August 25, Daniela was in a consultation about her hair loss at the Derma Norte clinic, in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Upon leaving the clinic, Daniela suffered a “cardiac arrest.” “She came to consult with her husband, both of them were cared for. He was told from New York to email me his results. They came from Pedregoso, Zacatecas, because the Dominican man came to meet his family. They had little that they got married, “said Dr. David Poletti in an interview with Univision.

Before suffering cardiorespiratory arrest, Daniela was on a medical appointment with Dr. Poletti. “Several patients recommended Pedregoso to me, they came and (Daniela and Darwin) were about to leave for New York on Sunday,” he added. The doctor said that she was in a “medical consultation” because “she had a mixed problem with her scalp.”

The doctor made it clear that when she was treated, “no procedure was applied, nor did the patient take any medication.” And he added: “It was only done the clinical review” and that Daniela shared her medical history record in which she commented that “from the age of 19 she had something or had something pending in her heart, she could never give it as a diagnosis. I don’t know if she had an aneurysm in her coronary artery, in one of the most important, the coronary artery, but she knows, she knew, she reported that they did three catheterizations. He did not finish defining it, he no longer followed it up ”.

Many mourn the sudden death of Daniela

After learning of Daniela’s death, the networks were filled with all kinds of messages of condolences and manifestations of the state of shock in which netizens were left after the sad news.

“Wow, wow, wow, 😢😢 what a great sadness. I have been in shock, even chills. It has given me a deep sadness as if she had been my family, what a great sorrow Lord that God has her in his holy bosom that God bless her. What happened sir and the husband my condolences to him and the whole family I will have in my prayers 🙏🏻🌹 Falling in love is in mourning my lord ”, commented a fan of the show.

Another said: “That couple was the perfect reference that love surpasses everything! And until the end they showed that it is so. My soul hurts. Force their relatives ”. And one more: “God give them that strength that their families need and especially her husband, we will always remember her with that huge smile that sadness gives me God keep her in his holy glory 😢”.

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