Daniela Luján introduces her boyfriend after saying that Imanol Landeta is the love of her life

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A week ago, Daniela Luján surprised her followers by confessing that Imanol Landetawho was also an actor in children’s soap operas, is the love of her life, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend.

The statement was made on Karla Díaz’s Pinky Promise program, after Jessica Segura revealed that Landeta had been her worst soap opera kiss.

Before her friend’s statement, the actress practically let out a scream saying that Imanol Landeta is the love of her life and that she has been since she was five years old.

“Imanol Landeta is the love of my life. Imanol Ladeta is my platonic love, I have said ‘pinche’ a thousand times. Imanol Landeta has been the love of my life since I was five years old,” he declared.

After his words, the also member of JNS asked the actor to demonstrate and even told him that he was missing out on a lot by ignoring Daniela Lujan.

Although he did not do it at the time, through his Instagram stories, the interpreter of “Como marble” reacted to the famous confession of love, since he reposted a note on the subject.

After Luján’s confession, Jessica Segura and Mariana Botas reminded the singer that she has a boyfriend; however, she assured that her partner knows that she is in love with Imanol Landeta.

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Who is Daniela Luján’s boyfriend?

After Daniela Lujan confessed at the national level that she is in love with Imanol, Daniela Luján shared a series of photographs with her boyfriend, with whom she shares the stage in the play “Three versions of life”.

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Said man is Mario Alberto Monroy, who is an actor, writer and improviser. On television he participated as a writer and actor in the program “El informal”, as well as in the productions “El alma hurt”, “Los Sánchez”, “La loba” and in the series “Drenaje Profundo”; while in the cinema he has participated in the feature films “El que Busca que finds”. “Single” and “Cindy la Regia”.?

He is the author of the anti-Christmas monologues “God of Cold Porcelain” and “Christmas spiritual regeneration project plan” Dickens, both directed by Angélica Rogel and presented at the La Capilla theater, as well as the solo show “Embrace the panda”.

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His most recent works are “History of a Crime: Paulette Case” from Netflix, “There are no two like you”, “How to Survive Single” from Amazon Prime and “Bunker” from HBO.

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Daniela Lujanwho like Imanol Landeta It emerged from children’s soap operas, and her boyfriend Mario share few photos together on their social networks; however, in each image together they express all their love with “I love you”.

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Daniela Luján introduces her boyfriend after saying that Imanol Landeta is the love of her life