Daniela from Big Brother revealed the reason why Romina does not get into the pool

A few weeks before the grand finale of Big Brother (Telefe), the five best participants, Julieta, Marcos, Romina, Camila and Nacho, are already recognized among the public for their personalities and tricks inside the house. However, Daniela, one of the recently eliminated, revealed the reason why the former deputy does not enter the pool, a fact that few knew.

Big Brother became the television hit of recent years and each of the show business programs made the most of their characters and their stories pTo generate more content outside the house. This Tuesday, in very morning (Ciudad Magazine) Daniela Celis was on the phone to talk about what happened recently in the reality.

Daniela revealed why Romina doesn’t get into the pool

In a talk in which they talked about Romina’s alleged manipulation of Daniela, the former participant referred to the comments that the former deputy made with the bodies of others: “I know that Romina is very obsessive with the subject of the body. In fact, she said it herself in the video of her as soon as she entered, she was very self-conscious about her body. Let her say what she wants with her body, but not with the body of others. I don’t agree with that, but I don’t know why she makes those comments.

That answer was the kick for Pampito to ask him: “She never got into the pool, did she?” “Twice, but he has many complexes”, the guest introduced and explained: “She talks about it a lot inside the house. Before entering the house she had surgery, two days before entering the house she removed the stitches and she wants to take care of her scar so that it does not remain marked by the sun.

Given his response, Pampito took the floor. “Undoubtedly, something has to do with her body, it happens to her because for a reason she also goes there in others: ‘you’re fatter, you’re skinnier, you have cellulite, you have stretch marks’”, he indicated.

Then he referred to what his reunion with the outside will be like.“Something is wrong with her, but hey, she has to learn to handle it and he has to learn that you can’t say those things to the rest of the people. You learn, when you go out and see him he will learn, he is an intelligent person. It has to start with her poor, because it is an ordeal, what she lives is horrible, “he said.

Daniela, throughout these five months, managed to form a friendship/alliance with Romina and Julieta, for which she got to know her a lot in her most intimate facet. “Romi is a very insecure person of herself both physically and personally.. He is working on his safety with alternative therapy, but I think it has to do with that,” he said.

Once she feels confident with herself, she will change the way she sees others.”, concluded the ex-participant of Big Brotherwho twice entered the reality and he had a great role with his courtship with Thiago and the problems that brought him.


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Daniela from Big Brother revealed the reason why Romina does not get into the pool