Daniel Guzmán tells why he left ‘Here there is no one to live’ and the high price he paid for it

Before the massive arrival of streaming movie and series platforms, some series that have marked an era made their appearance on conventional television, such as ‘Tell me’ Y ‘There is no one living here’among many others.

Undoubtedly, the last mentioned is the one that has had the most success in the 2000sbecoming the most viewed at the time with more than 40% screen share. born in september 2003and said goodbye to his audience in July 2006 hand in hand with Antena 3. After it, came the adaptation to Telecinco, called ‘La que se avecina’, which has also been one of the most viewed.

Among the cast of ‘There is no one alive here’, the actor stands out Daniel Guzman, who is currently celebrating the premiere of his film ‘Canallas’. The interpreter has attended as a guest the program presented by Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal on Movistar Plus, ‘Five forks’, where he has talked about his professional career.

And it is that in a long period of time, Guzmán has only been able to make two films, something that has turned into hell, as he himself has confessed, confessing that he wants to stop: “I don’t want to make movies again in my lifethis is my last movie. I have made two films in 17 yearsI don’t want to say that they are like my children, but in a certain way they have taken me away from living. Now I want to do more conventional things.”

Cinema has taken its toll on me in relationships with friends, with my parents… I’ve stopped living. The cinema gave me life and if it continues like this it will take it away from me”, insisted the actor, who wants to make big changes in his life.

10 years without working as an actor

Before reaching the big screen, the actor was one of the most famous faces on television thanks to ‘There is no one alive here’, the series from which he left after three years and from which he has now revealed why of his goodbye: “I left to direct my film. They made me choose between the series and the movie and I chose the movie. what happens after I have been 10 years without working as an actor”.

In addition, he has confessed that he got tired of the plot: “I can’t stand more than three seasons in a series, because making television is very complicated, because you change the standard of interpretation and anything goes, but not everything goes. I I look for a very specific result and when that result is already forgotten I prefer to go to something else”.

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Daniel Guzmán tells why he left ‘Here there is no one to live’ and the high price he paid for it